X52 Pro MFD... radio panel drivers?

When the sim came out my understanding was that the MFD on the Logitech/Saitek X52 Pro was not functional.

There was a user-made plugin which gave it some functionality, but this has not been updated since March.

I just ran across this forum post on Avsim. It says that when the poster installed the drivers for the Logitech radio panel, it also “magically” brought the MFD on the X52 Pro to life.

I was curious if anyone else could confirm this works, or could comment on the state of MFD operation on the X52 Pro in the sim currently.


I own a X52pro as well and I never got the MFD to work. I’m curious about the installing the radio panel drivers…I might give that a try on the weekend

The drivers enable the time settings to be shown on the MFD but the biggest problem is getting the MFD to illuminate. The only solution I have found is to unplug the USB and then plug it back in after the other computer drivers have loaded and before flying.

So if I’m reading you right, the MFD doesn’t work if the unit is connected to the PC on startup, but if you connect it after the PC has started and loaded all drivers, it functions?

In one of my computers I have the X52 Pro connected to a USB Hub , a switch box I made also connected to the Hub. I installed the X52 with the driver from Logitech. I made sure I did not assign any of the buttons or rotating wheels in the MFD to any commands, my MFD illuminates when computer is on and shows local or UTC time, it also works like a stopwatch, and shows the Com 1,2, Nav 1,2 frequencies when I fly. It also flashes the name of any button you use in a separate line. I may add that it works the same way in X-Plane 11. I also use the Programing Software for the X52 and I have 2 profiles, one for MSFS, and another for X-Plane, this software loads at booting time and I get an icon in the starting tab from where I can choose the profile I need. It can also be downloaded from Logitech . I don’t have any Saitek Panels of any kind connected to this machine. My X52 works beautifully. The Programing Software came with my original X52 that I purchased from Saitek a few years back, the one in the Logitech site is the same one. Also the quality of my X52 is somewhat better than what Logitech has been selling for what I read on the subject, finally I don’t believe in magic.

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Yes, but TunefulLlama39 (later post) seems to be having good results with just the driver. Mine works sometime and sometimes it doesn’t. The late plugin seems to fix it.

@TunefulLlama39 and @ProvenSilver, I just picked up an X52 Pro this morning to experiment with. The MFD currently is just showing the mod 1/2/3 display and “no profile” with the date and time. What did you do to make it start integrating with MSFS?

My device has never interacted with MSFS or any other flight sim as far as I know. Mine is used for its functions/buttons in whatever flight sim I am using. I believe that you can program it or download programming for different applications, but I have never done it.

Like I said I installed the driver, once recognized by MSFS, I assigned the proper buttons and axis, save it. I did not use any buttons or wheels in the MFD, and if they where assigned by default to anything I removed it. You have to install the Programming Software as well which loads when booting your PC. It was from here that I created profiles for MSFS and X-Plane, so I have to remember when to use one or the other, but you see the icon in the Task Bar of all the software loaded, you will see the small icon for the Joystick that allows you to choose profile. My MFD always illuminates, as soon I connect the USB from the Hub to the computer. The connections between the Joystick and the throttle sometimes fails, it is the nature of the connection, not strong, push on the terminals inward to get a full connection. I do not use any other Saitek driver. I have a different machine with all the peripherals (Saitek panels, Alpha, Bravo units, MFG pedals, etc.) but I have never used the X52 in it. I use the X52 machine to test Community items, or items I find in the Forums, also to check in staff that works in one and not on the other one, both computers are the same hardware and power, and that is all about it. No other tricks. There is a way to reprogram button I and the green light that shows in your POV1, somebody published the way in the Forum, so if you do a search, you’ll find it, Sorry for the boring explain!!

This is what my MFD looks like.

This a very interesting topic for me because I have the Alpha and Bravo connected and also the X52 Pro. All are working and I use the X52 for a lot of things as well flying the drone, which I never thought I would use. The only thing that does not fully function is the MFD but it shows time zones and modes and stopwatch etc. I don’t know how to get the frequencies showing yet, never did in FSX either. What I did find was that installing the Logitech software was a big mistake because it is inadequate for the job and also blocks the use of Saitek software and also prevents it being accessed. So completely uninstalling all Logitech software was needed to access the Siatek software. I could use some help on getting the frequencies to display please.

I got my MFD display working using the steps mentioned in the previous posts. Downloading the Logitek radio drivers worked for me too :+1: