X52 Throttle not working

Have a new rig and decided to try MSFS. Using an X52 Pro stick and throttle. I have been unable to get the throttle to work properly. When I move the stick the engine revs a bit but then dies off. If I look at the cockpit throttle (C172) it seems to be dancing in and out.

Anyone have a resolve to this issue?

I am current running the game pass version which comes with a new system. Is the steam version different? Does it support the X52 Pro?

I use an X52 Pro and it’s fully supported by all versions of MSFS. To me it sounds like you have a calibration issue. Have you looked in the Joystick section of Windows to check the calibration? Mine dances around a bit as well, although nowhere near as bad as what you are seeing. I’ve had my X52 Pro for 10+ years and it’s not the most stable when it comes to the throttle and the trim wheel on the throttle…so much so I had to give up on the latter as I needed a deadzone covering 60-70% of the travel to avoid noise from it :frowning: It works though, so check your calibration settings in Windows.

What @Zathrus63 said.
The X52 Pro is fully supported by MSFS and I’ve been using stick and throttle (and aslo their pro pedals) since day one with no problems at all. And my X52 Pro is older than I care to remember :sweat_smile:.

Thanks for the replies.

After a few frustrating days of trying to repair this issue I finally figured it out. The issue was a silly one.

I did a flight from my local airport to another airport in my area. This is a flight I’ve done many times in real life. Once I got to my destination I taxied to the run up area and decided to come back another day to finish the return flight. What I discovered is that something must have been corrupt with the save file. After a couple of days of loading that file and trying everything to repair the throttle issue I decided to start the flight over again from my home airport.

What I found was if I started fresh without loading up that saved file the throttle worked perfectly.

Go figure!