X55 Throttle issues since recent patch

Wondering if anyone else has run into this issue where the X55 HOTAS throttle will cause your plane to drop to 0% throttle no matter the actual throttle position. Also when it occurs the throttle position appears normal in both the in game calibration and the Saitek/Mad Catz application, it only seems to get incorrectly set in the plane itself.

Submitted as ticket #100709 but was curious if anyone else had run into this.

Do you have any other controller plugged in? What type of devices that you have plugged into the PC. Look at your Control settings and see what devices are detected. Chances are, you have another hardware plugged in that feeds the sim with 0% idle throttle, so it overrides the throttle position of your X55.

Couple of things.

  1. DiView is a useful tool for actually seeing what an input device is presenting to Windows.
    (It’s old software so only recognises maximum 32 buttons but it works just fine to see your raw and calibrated axis input. - right click on an axis field to enable the “view raw data” option)

I use this on a separate monitor even in game if I have doubts about the way my input devices are translating into the game.

  1. What throttle bindings have you used?

If you bind ANY AXIS to the RIGHT COLUMN and then also reverse that axis (axis reverse check box) this will add a 25% inhibit at the top and bottom end of the axis. (therefore 0%>25% on your throttle do nothing etc)

I’ve had a ticket open for this since February but it seems zendesk are not on top of their game.

I fired up DiView and did a quick 10 min flight just now, about 45 seconds after takeoff it did it then when I put it in active pause to get a screenshot before crashing it started acting normal. Everything in DiView indicated the throttle was at an appropriate position. It continued to act normal all the way to landing and I sat parked messing with the throttle until it did it again which you can see in the screenshot.

For some reason full up on the throttle registers as X/Y axis 0 and reports as full throttle in game. Reverse axis isn’t set. In game they are mapped as Joystick L-Axis X to Propeller Axis and Joystick L-Axis Y as Throttle Axis.

It’s a super weird issue because everything shows the throttle being normal including in the in game settings. But in the sim the planes throttles to 0%. It’s happened in multiple planes so far (172, G36 and Robin Cap10)

I also ensured I didn’t have any other controllers connected as I thought maybe my XBox controller was conflicting with it (I normally have it connected but bound in game to camera controls only.

After a week of going crazy trying to track down the cause it seems to be a twitchy button (H) on the back of the throttle that I had mapped to reverse throttle for use with airliners. I had not considered that if the plane did not have a reverse throttle function that it would set the throttle to 0. Moving it to a different button resolved the issue.