X56 HOTAS does not work for Xbox?

My Logitech X56 HOTAS doesn’t work for Xbox Series X. Does Xbox support my HOTAS?

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It was my understanding that two HOTAS’ are currently supported for Xbox.

The T.Flight Hotas One and the Hori Hotas.

I believe a bespoke chip is required to talk to the Xbox so ‘any hotas’ won’t do.

Hi all

Now I know the X56 isn’t officially compatible and that there are a few interesting controllers in the pipeline.

But has anyone actually tried connecting an X56 to their Xbox to see if it works? I’m only asking as I contacted Microsoft to ask and there answer certainly wasn’t ‘no it definitely will not work’ and they have referred me on to Logitech.

I just can’t help but think that the X56 looks and would be awesome compared to even some of the new HOTAS products that are yet to be released for Xbox especially with the amount of turn knobs the X56 has which would work well with autopilot turn knobs for instance.

Just curious to see if anyone has tried since MSFS has been released for Xbox.


You can go ahead and try. I doubt it will break anything but I also doubt it will work.

For Byzantine reasons known only to Microsoft and Sony they really like to make life difficult for both console users and peripheral manufacturers.

It’s a mix of proprietary usb input device controllers and what folks refer to as “a security chip” but may in fact actually be a different firmware that’s required to handle the proprietary usb stuff that the manufacturers decided to design into the platforms.

I don’t understand it at a proper tech level myself so that’s all I know.

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The website shows MSFS and XBOX games studios on the web page for the product. It probably does, but it may not be pre configured right away. I am debating this over maybe the turtle beach or the honeycomb.

My understanding was that the peripheral needs a bespoke chip to talk to the Xbox.

So it’s only compatible if it’s compatible (it shouldn’t be compatible by accident).

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Yes it does. MSFS2020 has been released on PC for a year and PC’s support a broad range of input devices and Xbox games studios (previously known as Microsoft Game studios)
is the publisher.

In order to make an x56 compatible with an Xbox you need an intermediate device like this…

.ConsoleTuner » Titan Two

Does that thing actually work? I have the PS4 version of HOTAS 1 so i would probably use that for a while, but 199 is a bit much to find out it did not work. guess i could return it though.

To tell the truth…I have no idea.

I just buy Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition (game pass) and I use the X-56 Hotas Logitech.
It’s possible to play with the joystick only with default profile. I can make a new profile with an other name but when I play, I don’t see the new profile only the default profile.

Is it other version of msfs only for PC because I need to charge msfs with Gamepass or X-box pass.

Thank’s for the help