Xbox 360 Controller

Connected a new wired Xbox 360 controller today. It’s seen by windows usb game controller system and works within Forza Horizon 4, but in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 it’s not recognised at al. Please can anyone help?

Hoping that someone can help with this as well. I want to use an Xbox Controller to control the drone camera.

I,m using the Xbox 1 wireless controller (connected via usb) with no connection issues and it works beautifully. Xbox 360 controller might not be recognizable.

Did you purchase MSFS via Steam?

I did buy via Steam and I’ve finally realised why my new controller isn’t working. I looked at controller setting within Steam’s Big Picture mode and saw that both PS4 and Xbox controllers were configured. When I unticked both and restarted the game in Windows the controller worked fine. Problem solved, the issue was Steam, not Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Check the following

Open Steam and go to steam Library-> MFS -> Right mouse click and then “properties” -> on general tab select “Forced off” on “Steam input pre-game setting”.

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I bought via Microsoft Store and can’t get my controller to work :disappointed:

I bought the Sim from the Microsoft Store, and am running Windows 10. Using a 3rd party/generic Classic Xbox controller, wired USB. It worked straight away, and I’m using it to control the drone camera.

This is what worked for me:

  • Started with the PC powered off. Plugged-in the Xbox controller to the cold and dark PC. Powered up the PC, waited for Windows 10 to recognize the new USB device and do the “plug and play” routine. It did everything without intervention on my part.

  • Once Windows 10 gave me the all clear that the Xbox controller is recognized and ready, I launched the Sim.

I didn’t have to do anything else. It showed up as a controller and was mapped with some default settings.

I know there’s nothing earth shattering here… maybe just the order in which I installed it. Anyway, even though it’s super simple, I thought it might be of some use.

I hope it helps someone!

Thanks for your advise. It is just how I did it and the PC also recognizes the controller. But it doesn’t appear within the game.

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So did somebody succeed in using the Xbox 360 controller with DVD version of the game?