Xbox after 100 hours

I noticed I’d notched up over 100 hours of flight time, so I thought I’d ask how people are finding it on Xbox? :thinking:

I do have some pro’s and con’s so far, so here goes:


  • Flying the world is just so much fun.
  • It looks gorgeous in so many places (and good enough is mostly everywhere else)
  • I’m learning, first the assists went, then I moved to cold start & shut-down.


  • There are some annoying bugs. HOTAS mapping, Bush Trips, a few other odd glitches.
  • It does rely on trial and error, or hunting for answers outside of the sim for many things.
  • Rome wasn’t updated in a day (the updates will take a while to roll out)

Overall, I’m having a blast with this. How’s the Xbox experience working out for you? :slightly_smiling_face:


136 hours myself. Overall a positive experience. The data-streaming can be hit or miss and at times things are down-right ugly but some of that may be on my end as I don’t know what others are doing on the internet.

The only major complaint is the avionics bug in airliners and the bush trip bugs you mention - I stopped touching both because of them…


I have 140 hours logged. In addition to the things mentioned above, any flight over 4 hours and its Russian roulette wether you get a CTD or not. I’m currently flying the A320 around the globe landing at random airports and generally having a great time. I’m running a Series X, TM HOTAS and w/less keyboard and mouse.
Lets hope some bugs are stomped with the upcoming update.


What’s the location of that screen shot?

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Looks like the Øresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden?

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@Obbis is correct. Øresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö.
From the Sweden Bush Trip (leg 5). :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m 100+ hrs too, also a veteran of FS from FS98/FS2000 era. My take-


  • seeing such a beutiful sim on a XBox. Truly amazing at 4K on a large tv, a technological leap
  • a compact solution, XBox sits happily hiding behind my TV making very little noise
  • an affordable solution compared with high end PC/graphics card
  • immersive (love real time traffic and real time weather)
  • ability to fly VFR with so much detail
  • comfort of using it in living room/couch environment rather than office/desk/PC
  • being able to use a Hotas/keyboard/mouse combo has opened the sim up to feel like using a PC and is very intuitive/controllable
  • I’m still regularly blown away by how good it all looks
  • It’s Microsoft Flight Simulator on an XBox!


  • for a sim that has been out for a year it sure has a good few bugs, some of which seem to have been around for a while on PC too
  • the XBox controller isn’t the best experience for flying and doing UI interactions with, probably fine for ‘arcade’ type flying, not so much for interacting with AP settings on an airliner.
  • limited peripheral support eg only a single joystick (Hotas One - an entry level stick) supported on launch and it has issues that haven’t been fixed yet (button assignment, no sensitivity saves etc)
  • mouse issues (occasional loss of cursor, and also conflicts in UI between mouse and controller)
  • waaay too many CTD’s especially as many report on longer flights
  • theoretically having a standard platform as a base should lead to a more stable environment but presently isn’t.
  • ‘locked platform’ eg. currently no community folder so no mods allowed other than through official marketplace
  • currently no real world/custom liveries available for the planes
  • no fauna to be found at the fauna locations (that i have seen). Edit : I have seen some fauna now
  • requires much online research on forums etc to realise that it’s not just you seeing these issues

The mouse issue is annoying. The cursor just freezes and theres no way of getting it moving ?
The HOTAS assignments need fixing.
Waiting for ORBX London city and GB central to arrive on marketplace for xbox ! London struggles to render in certain areas, and my download is 65 MBPS.

But a great looking sim, amazing detail. Although many UK cliffs could be a lot better ( ie not green smudgy walls with no texture) , although some are good . Flew to sorrento Italy and the cliffs were the same there, low res mutli coloured.

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Re UK scenery. For a large part it seems to be also missing many famous Stevenson lighthouses (a key VFR navigation aid around here in Scotland!), Also some piers and bridges don’t look at all realistic. There is also a propensity towards the auto generated building looking ‘Tudor’ like in style which we don’t have here in Scotland, including a Tudor style mansion at a ski resort on top of Aonach Mor ski station! :rofl:
For the most part though, from height the UK looks fairly realistic. Some of the mountain terrain is very good eg. Glencoe, Ben Nevis and the whole of Skye.

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Right. I thought I recognised it. Was looking for the Malmö landmarks.

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Southern UK missing piers apart from brighton, the needles are trees, missing lighthouses. Thats why i want southern UK scenery done asap !!!


Last time I went actively searching for fauna (on PC) the PoI matkers simply mark a basic area. I think I actually found the elephants a ways off wandering around.
Was hard to tell from my aircraft but they also looked a little small. Not entirely easy to spot.

I stumbled across some bears quite by chance in Nevada though. That was quite a nice surprise.

On an XBox? I tried travelling to the marker and switching to drone and flying 5 miles in each direction. No fauna. Maybe the fauna flight(flee) model is real world too :wink:

Edit: sorry just saw that you said PC. No sign on XBox of fauna (on the three attepts I’ve made to look for it, using three different locations and three separate fauna types). ps. I don’t really care, but it is an advertised feature.

I’ve not hit 100 hours yet, got about 54 hours done so far. I would agree that overall it does look fantastic, but some of the bugs are quite confusing and make MSFS a bit difficult to enjoy sometimes. I tried a bush trip over Denmark today, wasn’t able to complete it after hitting the back on track button (I tried it to see if it gave me information to get to POI number 1 or what). I am hopeful (not overly so) that things will start to improve over time with patches and updates. I would like to add a flight stick at some point, but will wait until the mapping and such has been improved, really difficult to fly with the controller, especially in a plane that doesn’t have autopilot.

180 hours on Xbox. The 787 and A320 definitely make up 90% of the hours. Enjoying it a lot, it’s perfect. Some bugs here and there of course, but nothing serious. Only 4 CTDs over a course of playing everyday for 6 weeks, which I am still happy with.

I have also never seen an animal on Xbox.

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Do your avionics not shut off on you? I tried flying airliners but the avionics shut down randomly so I swore it off - tried messing with every setting. You on X or S?

I’m on S because it was in my local store at retail and I didn’t feel like exposing myself to getting swindled.

My cat is about the only one I’ve seen. :rofl:


Mmmm, this box makes my booty warm!

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I have about 78 hours flight time on the series x mostly flying the a320 and I absolutely love it, so addictive, only doing short flights 2 or 3 hour flights, I have 2 big issue, firstly the ctd does not happen very often but when it does it’s usually halfway through a flight or when I am coming into land , and secondly the a320 really does need to be brought up to date a little bit making more of the systems operational or failing that the flybywire version needs to come to the xbox, but apart from that it’s awesome

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