Xbox Air brake function

What is the function to activate Airbrakes for Typhoon or similar jets. It’s not in the instructions for Xbox.

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yes we need to know , i just spend 20 bucks on a Jet with no way to slow down to land , Lol

Also looking for this. Any luck? Lol

yes , i found the “speed brake” in the cockpit so i can land now . but there is no option for controller key mapping the “speed brake”

thanks sir could you share screen shot for that and if we can not link key how fast you can use airbreak during land

I dont have a screenshot for this. However, it takes at a good 10 seconds or so to locate it manually and activate it within the cockpit view. This is totally useless when flying the like of the Eurofighter.

My B77 don’t have Airbrakes anymore since the last update

I have the MB339 for the Series X, to use the air brake for that, under Control Options, search by name, “spoiler” and assign a button command to “TOGGLE SPOILERS” it has no button mapped to it by default.

Hope this helps.

Settings for Xbox controller

I changed my controller settings and sensitivity for jet flying as per my previous post. Still works good. Although for the Longitude, I tend to arm spoilers from the cockpit.

in some jet airplanes you can reverse jet engine rotation for break what is this called

There is in controller settings. I have toggle speedbrakes as up on the D pad.

I did a bind of LB + B button to arm the speed brake, then LB + X to fully extend spoilers. I discovered after pressing arm speed brake button combination again after arming, it actually resets it back to the “off” position which actually serves as a retraction of them as well after fully extending so you don’t need another seperate binding to retract spoilers.

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Search for and bind “spoilers” to a key.
This should work for the 3rd party jets. (The documentation supplied by the 3rd party Dev should also note any differences in bindings with their own particular aircraft)

You shouldn’t really need to rely on it for landing anyway though. If you need to pop the air brake on approach you are already coming in too hot and unstable and should probably go around.

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For the Eurofighter, its virtually impossible to land without it. I have landed without it before, but the approach speed is near impossible to get below 200 without it deployed resulting in crash the second your gear touches ground.

Eurofighter version updated

The Eurofighter was updated on the marketplace today.

in what way?

Sorry, I had linked another post I made earlier to save duplications.
I tested the speed brakes, and all seems fine.

It said:
The Eurofighter version was just updated on the marketplace today.
I see a real improvement in the exterior hud, gauges resized correctly and dials working. Handling seems improved.
Loads of new liveries. Cockpit instruments and maps working now.

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On the MB339 the toggle spoilers only gives me either 100 or 0% deployment (unless the gear is down then it maxes at 50). As it’s a toggle option I don’t know how or what I can bind to get the 50% setting in-flight, gear up. Any ideas?

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