Xbox — An-225 Interacting with Tablet with Peripherals Connected is Evoking Out-of-Control Bug

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Brief description of the issue:

When clicking on a Tablet field in the conversion section, for example, the Xbox OS opens the keyboard interface. Upon returning to the sim and confirming the entry with the mouse, the OS invokes this bug: Aircraft Put in Out-of-Control State When Interacting w/ Xbox OS

That bug has gone completely ignored since I reported it 1.5 years ago. It makes utilizing the tablet’s conversion tables an impossibility when an Xbox has peripherals connected.

In terms of how that affects the An-225, is it is pretty catastrophic. It not only affects the flight control surfaces as described in the linked bug report, it fully shuts down all 6 engines, which kills the hydraulic system and renders the aircraft in an unrecoverable state, if airborne.

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Note. The Xbox OS video capture does not capture the Xbox OS presenting the user with the OS Text Entry Dialog Box. However, when returning to the cockpit after having interacted with the box, it causes the bug as mentioned in the linked report.

In the video I am fighting the camera with the Xbox controller”s thumbstick to stabilize it. I’m doing this in order to illustrate what is going on. Note the position of the yoke, note the position of the rudder pedals, note the position of the flaps handle (full flaps), note the flight control surfaces indicator above and to the left of the GNS 530. Note at the beginning of the video the NWS tiller spin to full lock.

If the engines are running, the bug also shuts down all 6 engines, rendering the aircraft with no power or hydraulics while in the air.

Asobo, for all that is holy, PLEASE, do something about this bug.

IniBuilds, I suggest, in the interim, to fully disable keyboard entry on the tablet and force either mouse or Xbox controller cursor entry only (as you have done on the A310’s tablet). Doing so will not involve the Xbox OS. What is happening in this bug is the Xbox OS is pausing the sim while the keyboard entry is in play. The Xbox OS pausing is what invokes the bug. (You can easily reproduce this bug with any aircraft in the sim simply by pressing the Xbox “Nexus” button, which causes the Xbox OS to pause the sim, as well. Again, one needs peripherals connected to have this happen. If using only an Xbox controller this bug doesn’t occur)

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Load C&D into the An-225. Click a text entry box on the Converter page of the tablet. Return to the sim. Click the “Enter” arrow button in the tablet to confirm the entry. Observe the camera and aircraft controls go berserk.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Xbox Series X, Razer Turret keyboard & mouse, Thrustmaster Boeing TCA yoke, Thrustmaster Boeing TCA throttle quadrant 1/2, Thrustmaster Boeing TCA throttle quadrant 3/4, Thrustmaster TPR rudder pedals

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The issue is occurring in any of the editable text fields on the table. I had the same issue occur when I tried to use the METAR lookup.