Xbox App says I no longer own Premium Deluxe ed

After updating with SU7 to GOTY the XBOX app which I use to launch MSFS says I only own the Standard Edition. It wants me to pay $118 to launch the Premium Deluxe GOTY Edition. ■■■? I logged in & out of the Xbox App, I installed all of the additional updates under content manager. What’s going on???

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I always start MSFS thru the Xbox App. The drop-down menu always gives me the option to choose the version I want to start, indicating which one I own. In the past this has always been the last choice…MSFS2020 Premium Deluxe Version.
After SU7 GOTY update, it only says I own the Standard Edition, giving me prices for the Deluxe & Premium Deluxe which I already own.
Strange thing is, after the supposed “Standard Edition” starts, I have all of the extra planes and locations that are in the Premium deluxe edition.

Click Premium Deluxe

Important is “play (installed) or buy”

Buy - becasue we can buy as gift so everything ok :slight_smile:


No need.

Click “start” and right click on microsoft flight simulator
Select > more > pin to taskbar

That’s what I used to do…pin the start menu icon to the taskbar & start from there. However, since SU5(?) when installation of updates required installation of the Xbox app (among other rediculous things) I figured that the safest way to launch the program was just to always go back to the app. It’s just that the old (SU6) drop down used to say I own the premium deluxe version, and this one doesn’t.

Important is …

For me it has been like this at least since SU5. But as TenPatrol mentioned what is essential is that you have it in content manager and are able to install from there. A bit sloppy but I come to accept that in many of microsoft’s apps/UI/program and so on.

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Agreed. Thank you so much!