Xbox Beta

No offence to the console crowd, but I am majorly concerned that the current degredation of the sim is partly due to the optimization process for the console version.

Other certain companies also nicely showed that developing a game for different platforms at the same time, just creates problems.

I understand that you habe to broaden your audience to get more money to continue developing. But at what cost? Deteriorating the experience of your customers?

It is a difficult topic for sure!


Very much doubt it. The XBox Series X is a LOT more powerful than the laptops many PC players are running the sim on. While working on the XBox version they found a lot of optimizations, that will benefit PC as well. So expect better performance on your PC around the XBox launch this summer.
So in the end it might end up quite beneficial that they were working on an XBox version.


I sure hope you are right. Dumbing down the sim would see alot of users go.this is not your average call of duty or no man sky or whatever. In terms of “games” this is still niche and nerd territory.

I am super stoked about this. I can’t wait!

Ok, so it’s next month. I am on the edge of my left seat!

By far the most exciting element of the XBOX launch is DX12

Any source you can provide about the beta coming next month?

in the Q&A jog mentioned there would be news about it this month


fingers crossed it comes soon …im like a kid in a candy store im that excited

Me too! They are having another Q&A on twitch at 1:30 eastern time US so I am hoping to hear something. Us Xbox people need to spam the chat :wink:

nope they will remove any xbox comments and time you put and threaten you with a ban from their community…dont

Not true, they entertained my question last month.

BETA is coming!!!

At least it is SOME news.

Happy dance

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When did they said Beta is coming??

they only said that there will be a beta, not when that will be.

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When did they said that??

I think in both the latest Q$A sessions. VOD’s should be up on Twitch, or posted on their YT channel.

You can find a console version in Xbox game pass right now……… Something new may come soon.

this gets me excited! where are you seeing it? it looks like you are on your phone…I can’t find it

The Xbox Game Pass app.