Xbox Beta

on mine it only shows for PC :frowning:

Oh okay. Mayby it is a bug then…… I hope for some news from Microsoft soon!

Console gamers have a lot to be excited for…but most console players I know have 0 interest in MSFS. We here, in this forum, obviously are excited. I have yet to meet a “regular” console gamer that cant sleep until MSFS comes out on Xbox X.

They will really need to step up the mission and DLC department for this to take off.

Sure, if you have a subscription you will download it and try it…and after that?

There is nothing wrong with bringing it to Xbox but the idea that this will create a steady stream of purchases is going to be tough.

As a PC simmer I can buy things from the in house shop, Orb X or Simmarket etc…you can not do that with the Xbox version, at least that is what I expect. Orb X might join but the smaller actors will simply not be able to afford it. A read an article about a small dev that said that an update to their game cost them about 1000-2000 dollars to upload to othe Xbox store…

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it just showed up on my phone, I told it to download on my Series X at home. I don’t know if it is downloading until I go home for lunch

Exciting!! However, I expect nothing :sweat_smile:

How will the Xbox final stages of the beta/rollout affect when Direct 12 is implemented for the PC platform?

unknown at this juncture

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You wont be running Little NavMap or FlightRecorder on the console…

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False alarm guys. Nothing on the game pass, when I was on my Xbox series X……

there is some news!

1 month old news

Ehm… So why was I then able to use my old Thurstmaster Hotas T-flight while playing Ace Combat on the Series X?.. :thinking::thinking: I mean, it’s not officially supported on the Xbox Series X.
Also, allmost all modern keyboards and mice are supported on Xbox Series X/S. Even the XBONE supports them.

Also: not everyone ‘plays’ flightsims with a full cockpit, Multi-Monitor set-up. I mean, I don’t. Just my trusty old HOTAS T-flight, keyboard and mouse.

Yes, sure, a PC will always be a far superior experience when you compare it to a console. Especially for simulation games. Except when it isn’t. … My PC used to be pretty beefy, back in the day… But now my old GTX 1060 (6GB) can’t exactly keep up with my PS5 or the Series X when it comes down to graphical fidelity.
Also: the console version could very well be better optimised because the team at Asobo doesn’t need to take 1000+ hardware combinations in account.
Plus: I’m actually kinda looking forward to just may back in my couch and just do some super laid back VFR sightseeing once the Xbox version comes out.

And also: think of the target demographics of a console release… I can assure you that 90% of console gamers don’t give a rat’s behind about plugging in charts, air manager or even Vatsim. I know a lot of people who are waiting for the Xbox release because their pc has aged poorly of because they don’t care about the hardcore sim elements and will just pick up a controller to do some sightseeing.



I thought the release was penned in for mid August? Around a year to the day since the PC version launched. It makes no sense to launch in only a few days time with no marketing. There’s been no beta test for the new optimisation and DX12 code yet either.

I think someone has their wires crossed. Gamestop is not a reliable source of info.

yeh, don’t count on it. It was just a webstore plugging in a temporary value in the release date box.

I’m thinking more like it’ll be the official announcement date vs launch date. It’s all speculation at this point until we get some official word, but that would make much more sense to me.

Hopefully Microsoft will drop some info at the Summer Game Fest like the article mentions, or the E3 event.

E3 2021 Starts June 12-16. We should hear a bunch of MSFS Xbox news from this.

That’s right they have dumbed down the PC version instead as it still is missing 50% of the functions we had in FSX and P3d V5 !

The console version is a winner if you can fly MSFS on high/ultra settings in 4K and get fluid FPS.

And for me personally, I’d would rather buy a console instead of spending money upgrading my PC every year to squeeze out 1-3 FPS and try to achieve a fluid simming experience.