Xbox controller causes cursor to drift to one side

I have a drift issue with my Xbox controller. However, I use it in other flight simulators as a platform for extra buttons and axes controls. The only issue with using it in MSFS is that it recognizes it as a controller for the cursor too which others don’t. So the cursor (circular with a dot when the controller is plugged in) in the menu drifts to one side. I can stop it by moving the mouse but as soon as I stop moving the mouse it changes back to the circular cursor and starts drifting. So I am constantly fighting this movement by using the mouse. It is for this reason that I unplug the Xbox controller in MSFS but I would like to know if there is a possibility for not letting the Xbox controller controlling the cursor?

You probably need to increase the dead zone slightly in settings.

Yes, my new original Microsoft XBox Controller had the same problem… Very bad self centering on both sticks. Increasing the dead zone in MSFS control settings helps!

Thank you gentlemen.

Thay didn’t help

I have a big deadzone of 10% in the control settings… Correct calibration in the windows or xbox controller settings?