XBox CTD EGHP (Burning Blue Designs)

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Several CTDs experienced taxiing around the airport

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C152 with Burning Blue Designs EGHP scenery bought today in the market place. Spawn at a gate. Taxi to runway. Take off. Fly a circuit. Land back at the airport. CTD taxiing back to gate. CTD does not always happen in same place. v1.27.17.0

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I can’t comment if this is specific to this purchased airport.
However, there are also reports of this sort of CTD occurring when taxiing back to parking elsewhere as well,

I have similar problem with Burning Blue’s Popham. CTD once while taxing past tower. Every flight I do at Popham ends with CTD, usually when I’ve parked up and go to external or drone camera.

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Repeated this flight on v1.27.20.0. Still CTDs although a I’m at least able to complete 2 traffic patterns rather than 1. Maybe some improvement.

I’ve just bought all the Burning Blue Designs airports from the marketplace as I fly on series x and pc.
I’m currently on Beta on my Xbox and almost every one of their airports I’m having CTD and sometimes just sitting in the cockpit doing nothing.
The question I wanted to ask is will the final Beta fix any of these CTD issues with third party airports or not? Thanks!

Just bought Popham from the marketplace and get a CTD everytime! Xbox series x

Are these issues ongoing with Burning Blue airfields? Fresh reports by Xbox users but they’re not really specific as to the frequency or consistency of the problem. Are CTDs absolutely unavoidable with all their products, or does it depend on how much you stress them, i.e. overusing the drone cam or constantly changing views?