[XBox] CTD on Start Up after installation of the WU IX Italy

I think in today’s model of releasing games and content, frequent updates, WE are the testing team, not to mention things may have gotten too complex.

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After SU9 I’m trying to use Cloud Gaming but my last three attempts just failed with a crash after restarting a flight, with a complete hang during initial loading, request to download again a lot of already installed contents, an error message saying my game license cannot be authenticated (!!!), and so on

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They are aware of it and working on it.

I’m starting to think number 9 is quite unlucky as also SU9 is probably the worst update ever


Topic Author @erasam was informed this is a duplicate report of a larger thread and also provided latest update on mitigation.

Maybe we should all be getting on Microsoft more, not Asobo. MS can give them more resources to get things working better. MS has plenty of CASH to help.

For those currently unable to launch on Xbox Series X|S due to World Update IX, we have just released a beta build to the Xbox Insider Hub. If you would like to help validate our fix, please join the build using the following steps:

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Actually, according to today’s Development Update, it looks like the crashes were caused by a mandatory update for the generic airport data folder on Xbox not by WU9 itself, which explains why some users who said they did not download WU9 also experienced the startup CTDs.


Currently the beta patch is working fine for me. So far, there are no additional bugs to the ones that are already there that I have noticed. I test further today

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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the software loads and I managed one flight. But on completion when I tried to load a second flight the game froze. I restarted my console XBox X but now when I try to load a flight it freezes on the loading splash screen.

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Hi, Installed the Beta update and great I can get passed the “NEW ACTIVITIES” screen, Able to take off and fly but CTD when landing.

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Just loads up to Italy splash screen update then quits to xbox home page for me.

Welcome to the xbox crash club. I can’t even load the game up after the Italy update. Crashes back to home screen. Getting exact same results as you guys. Its bricked.

You just looking for bias confirmation, or what?

As I suggested to you elsewhere:


Can you give us a bit of detail on what does this update update fix?

Read the start of the thread that linked post is from for more details.

WU9 introduced an issue that caused a number of Xbox users to experience a CTD (Crash to Desktop/Dashboard) during the startup of the sim.

The patch addressed that, and only that, issue.

However, for some, it didn’t work until they cleared their Reserved Space, hence my suggesting that course of action for you.

I think there’s a lot of scenery DLC that might be messed up with SU9. I know Global shipping is one for sure, how many others?



MSFS on cloud simply still doesn’t launch anymore since Update 9 came out.

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I have been on it every day this week and no problems.

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I have got the same issue it just keeps on crashing