Xbox Flight stick and mouse

I am curious as to if the sim will allow us on the Xbox to use the flight stick for flight and the mouse/keyboard for controlling the buttons and controls in the cockpit simultaneously? Will I be able to control the aircraft mid flight with the flight stick while using the mouse to flip switches and such at the same time in the cockpit?

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yes ofcourse


How would that work? Just straight in the USB port? :grinning:

Or perhaps a wireless mouse and keyboard? I’m not sure.

you can use most wireless keyboard and mouse on xbox. I mean it already works on many games and apps. Just plug it in and try. Just like on pc, usually you put the USB receiver into USB on Xbox and there you go. Propably also some with weird USB protocols that don’t work, but the ones I have are all working.

Games With Mouse & Keyboard Support On Xbox One, Series X, Series S - Xbox News (

If you need something small that combines both, there are things like this


Beware of wireless keyboards. Some work fine, but many go to sleep after a few minutes of not using them. When this happens, MSFS loses connection to the device. At best, you can expect a 30-60 second pause before the sim picks back up again. At worst, it will crash to desktop.

Not sure if it will do this with Xbox like it does with PC.

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Does anyone know when the Turtle Beach Velocity One is coming out or the Honeycomb Tango Foxtrot setup? I would think you could buy them before the 27th because the supposedly work with the PC version as well.

27th for the Turtle Beach Velocity One.

“With Flight Simulator coming to Xbox Series X/S on July 27th, the company is also releasing an accessory called the VelocityOne Flight.”

Are you sure that is a common issue ?
I use a wireless trackball and mouse with MSFS and have never had this experience.

I only have the situation where my Xbox Controller in Wireless mode needs 5-10 seconds to be recognized again by MSFS when it has ‘fallen asleep’. (I use it with a cable therefore).

Never heard of 30-60 seconds wait time or MSFS crashes because of wireless devices reconnecting. Maybe I was just lucky ?


Agree, not my experience. In the early days at launch a CTD was common, but that was patched ages ago. There can be a delay, but in the 5-10 second range.

xbox behaviour when the xbox controller goes to sleep is typically to pause the game with the message “controller has been disconnected”. I expect similar from the xbox version here if any USB connected device is disconnected/sleeps.

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Welcome to the forums! Questions about flight sticks, etc. go in the Peripherals section. I moved your topic there.

Loss of USB keys/peripherals with game running causing CTD is still an issue. I did some testing with this within the last Week or two.