Xbox Game Pass Streaming Causes Xbox Console Version Controller Profile Corruption

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After playing via xCloud, MSFS crashes to home on Xbox Series X

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Play via Xbox Game Pass Cloud (xCloud) streaming with a controller, then attempt to play on console. After reaching the “Press any button to start” screen, the game immediately crashes if a controller is connected. If a controller is not connected, the game will crash when a controller is connected. I was able to resolve the issue by deleting all of my custom controller profiles via xCloud, then loading in on console. It appears that xCloud is causing corruption of all custom controller profiles, which causes the game to crash. The problem is not resolved by uninstalling/reinstalling the game.

Note: after resolving the issue, the Rolling Cache is set to 0.2GB by default, and attempting to change this causes an immediate crash. The Rolling Cache can be fully disabled, but again, attempting to change the size causes an immediate crash.

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