Xbox hotas issues

Have a series s and the Xbox approved flight stick, works perfectly on elite dangerous or star wars, on here I can’t even navigate menus without using a controller. Only the stick and thrust are functional, has someone found a fix because I’m on the brink on uninstalling this

I agree, and at the moment is almost impossible to assign custom buttons to it.

You have to restart /start ,with the controller already plugged into the usb port . then make sure its
highlighted in the controls tab. not sure about any custom assignments.

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Welcome to the forums! Any discussions regarding HOTAS, yokes, throttles, etc. goes in the Peripherals category. I moved your post there.

Sounds like the same issue the thrustmater HOTAS had on PS4. Elite Dangerous only saw it if I used it to log in.

Hello, thank you both for the reply.

I confirm you that UI start the sim with the hotas already plugged, tried to save the configuration and then restart the sim, unplug & plug the hotas, restart the Series X but everything was unsuccesful.
I porgrammed all the buttons but only a few have a been saved ( b3 / b4 for the flaps, B5 for the landing gear) everything else has not been saved and now if I rty to assign another function to the programmed buttons they don’t work.

This is a known bug at the moment, another thread has more info and a possible workaround.

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If these alternatives help, do take a look.

What we don’t yet know is whether the variations are experienced consistently by different people.

Thanks, I was just reading your post, when this reply popped up. Thanks for your efforts, you have much more patience than me.

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The only problem I have with the Hoyas joystick is F2 is used to raise the landing gear but does not work.I assigned B5 to be used for landing gear but the landing gear will not work with the assignment also on all aircraft.