Xbox - how to transfer image from console to external storage?

This must be an FAQ however after searching a few times, I still cannot find any answers.

I have a number of images in my Xbox series S console and like to copy/move to my external storage. How can I do that?

Please help. Thank you.

I have the XBox App installed on my phone. After taking a screenshot in MSFS 2020 I use the “upload to mobile phone” and then from within the XBox App I upload images/clips to the MS cloud using onedrive.
Could be an easier way but I didn’t date to ask so far. :laughing:


This is the correct answer

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MimikriX, thank you for your help. It seems there is no direct way to copy/move the captured screen to external storage directly.

The simply way is to upload the image to OneDrive and then download from OneDrive using computer or phone.

Have you tried plugging in a thumbdrive? This will allow you to save all captures to that drive, however your sharing options will be limited. It’s useful if you’re planning to take a lot of screenshots and then transfer to PC.