Xbox launch and SU5 update day. Servers down

First attempt. Some message about server connection issue please check internet connection (yes I was connected, could browse and steam had already updated)
It seemed to progress to install location choice and start…then the whole thing vanished. (it had also vanished from Task manager. One assumes CTD

Second attempt. No message but eternal “Checking for updates”

Have they not been preparing for this moment for months?


Third attempt - straight to app crash

Fourth attempt - same network issue message as before but this time apparently I am being told my game is not associated with the account!!

Fifth attempt - eternal checking for updates…


Persistent retries. Let it loop on “cheching for…” while I did some stuff then finally got in and it’s downloading now (at what appear to be pre y2k dial up speeds.)


Maybe an idea to work with mirror servers in the future….

I got into the sim but it was indefinitely offline. Server overload evidently…
The new map looked awful without a connection.

It’s nice that it’s out on Xbox and all but boy are we being shafted on PC because of them.


Why are you being shafted by us Xbox lot when your getting this update because of the launch on Xbox :roll_eyes:

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Sim update 5 comes out regardless of the Xbox launch. They just dovetailed them together.
The increase in users will kill the servers, which is what it’s doing right now.


Ok understood and hopefully nobody will die during this process :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dont count on it buddy Muahahahahahahaha! :crazy_face:

Who’s bright idea was it to launch SU5 on XBox and PC simultaneously, same time world wide.

Are we all enlisted to test the Azure infrastructure or something? It clearly can not handle the demand, the update is going nowhere fast.

Any performance tests today will be useless, probably for the whole week. The servers are too busy.


Same issue, with CTD from title screen after it tries. I’ll try again tomorrow. I got a real life captain 737 position to study for…

Servers are down in the New York/Washington area, so no trial to fly on line possibe… However, I’m downloading updates in the Content Manager area… Does MS have 2 different types of servers, one type to download updates and another to fly on line?

Reroute all available power to the download servers!

I’m in the Toronto area and its downloading (in between long pauses) from 2620:1ec:46:35
When the game is running its talking to different servers. (Akaimaitechnologies and amazonaws)

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Presumably there are many.
Validation servers, bing maps and photogrammetry streaming, azure voice for ATC etc, etrc, etc…check resource monitor in windows, there are a whole bunch of connections made by the game .exe
Pretty much the whole thing is streamed so if the servers are heavily loaded…

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