Xbox linked to another steam account?

So i first tried the game at my brothers by signing into my xbox account on his steam to play FS2020, now that i purchased the game, i get the message “this xbox live account is already used with another steam account on Microsoft flight simulator”. I tried logging out and back in, i tried going to xbox live bar on windows 10 and linking my steam account and none of them are working. Is there a resolution to this issue?

I have had a ticket open with zendesk about this for a week and 1 day now and still no response to the ticket at all. So until they can help me fix this i cant do anything online.

I am guessing u have to disassociate your xbox account from your brothers computer or whatever he is using. Are you on a different PC than your brothers or using the same one ? Its not clear in your post. If its diferrent make sure your xbox and microsoft account is signed off on his computer and also uninstall FS from it. Maybe also delete cookies and temp files.

I was on my pc at my house when we logged into his steam to play it originally. I have logged into his steam and my xbox account multiple times to sign out of xbox on his steam while in FS2020. I cleared my steam cache with no luck as well.

WoW… just WoW. So their answer is to copy/paste a uninstall reinstall instructions???

Hi Dave,

Patch is live. To read the patch notes, click [here].

To find out what are the remaining known issues after this update, click [here]

We also updated the [knowledge base] with additional troubleshooting steps for the most commonly reported issues.

Don’t forget to visit the [official forums] and join our official [Discord channel] where our growing community of simmers is sharing tips and troubleshooting steps for the most uncommon issues.

If you experience any issue such as missing aircraft or greyed out feature after updating the sim, simply follow the steps detailed in the following guides:

Microsoft Store/Game Pass version:
[How to repair or remove Microsoft Flight Simulator on Microsoft Store/Game Pass]

Steam version:
[How to repair or remove Microsoft Flight Simulator on Steam]

If your issue persists after applying the fixes recommended in the Knowledge Base and the forums or is not on the Known Issues list after updating Microsoft Flight Simulator, please submit a new support request. The support team will review the new requests and provide additional troubleshooting steps or gather more information and files in preparation for the next patch.

Best regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team

So I decided to go ahead and uninstall, then reinstall. I get the same account message, then i get this message. The issue is because the game won’t download the x amount of gigs, it thinks its already there and i have tried removing all files and reinstalling with no luck, so now things are still broken but i can’t even fly at this point because the game will install via steam but never updates. I even tried installing in a different drive.


I had to go to my Microsoft account and remove access to MSFS2020, then launched the game and it went right to the updates.

Now lets see what happens after its done if it still says my account is linked to another steam account.

Back up and running however still getting the xbox account is linked to another steam account issue.

oh for the love of pete… They marked my new issue as solved with no comments at all. WHY??? Customer support is so pathetic.

Who’s pete?


Because it’s not a msfs problem. It’s your xbox, ms, steam accounts causing the issue.

This issue only happens with MSFS 2020. I have signed out of steam, xbox desktop, FS2020, reinstalled the game and tried launching only to be given the same account linking message.

There seem to be multiple people having the same issue with no resolution so far.

Still seeing more of this issue popping up but no resolution. Microsoft just closes out my tickets without any other response.

Shame, still no resolution which means I can’t buy anything from the shop or do anything online.

Has anyone found any way to fix this?

I just received this which takes me to the game support page which from what i’m seeing i have to contact xbox support.


Unfortunately that’s not something we can do on our end.

This game uses a separate account and activation system that we can’t access at Steam Support.

Please contact the following support team - they’ll be your best resource for solving account or game activation issues with this title:

Steam Support - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Gameplay or technical issue

Log in to your Steam account to get help with your Steam games, contact Steam Support, request refunds, and more. Help is also available if you can’t log in, need to reset your password, or recover a hijacked account.

Best regards,

Did you buy MSFS while logged into your brother’s steam? Did you install MSFS while logged into your brother’s steam? Did you buy and install MSFS while logged onto your own steam account? I’m not sure what your posting.

My brother came over and logged in to his steam account so i can try out MSFS (before we did family share) and i used my Microsoft account to log into the game while in his steam account. So I liked the game and a few weeks later I purchased it on my steam account but then was presented with the message that my Microsoft account is tied to another steam account.

Is this not regarding the same issue?

Yup, there are a lot of posts about it with no real solution.

I know you said you’ve tried all these things on your computer, have you tried on your brother’s computer where you state the problem originated? (example: Xbox game bar account settings on his computer)