XBox Liveries, Can't Delete!

MS Store version.
After deleting the XBox liveries, the Sim automatically reinstalls them upon next run.
Shouldn’t be “required” to keep liveries that I’ll never use.

did you delete them via the content manager?

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Yes I did and when restarting “checking for updates” began reinstalling them

These liveries cannot be deleted through the content manager or by manually deleting them from the Official folder. The sim will force an update/reinstall the next time it’s opened. My sim has always been customized, and I want control over what liveries are installed.

It is extremely frustrating these can’t be deleted! Whenever I try to do it through the content manager the sim just CTD’s and if I manually delete them I am forced to download them…
Why are we forced to have this content if we do not want it installed?!

I suspect they’re not technically add-on content but actually part of the base game (so that other players could see them probably). Hence why you can’t delete them.

Same problem is with the aviators club liveries :roll_eyes: