Xbox LOD in Dev Mod

I use the sim on pc
It is a nice rig
x299 msi pro 10gb
Intell core i9 xgen 10900x cpu 20HT cores
Corsair Liquid cooling icue 180
64gb corsair 2666 MHz ram
3090 msi suprim 24 Vram
Psu Corsair HX1000 watts

So i need direction in dev mode.
Under options it says Xbox and then Xbox LOD selection mode.
I can check this subject, but why do i want this? and why should i do this?
I read in the manual about Xbox LOD settings, but is it some sort of setting for Xbox developed aircraft or scenery to make compatible with pc or is it something else.
Can someone please give me Dire tion in on how to see or use it?

Thanks in advance

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At the moment you’d really only use this to answer the question ‘how would my scenery look on the Xbox.’
Asobo have said that the PC version doesn’t ‘yet’ implement the Xbox LOD system. I’m not sure it ever will be, but something which you’d need to be aware of while developing. There is also a setting to show LOD labels, which is very useful – for example, you can choose just to see labels on objects with just one LOD, so you’d know which objects would benefit from more LODs.
I would imagine that on low-end systems there would be a performance improvement using this setting.

Very much thank @GodzoneVF for youre explanation as it shed some Light on my questionmarks in my head.
Now im not a develloper myself, but use this dev mode occasionally for this fpscounter.

My thoughts were with this xbox console option, turn it on and will it mess up things, like with enable volumetrc clouds and the draw on shapes sections which do change things in sim
The checkmark make it visible or hide/skip things out on the monitor which was a very welcome possibility when the clouds gave weird effect last year on my old 780 gti card.

Thing is imo if checkmark this setting and leave unnattended, it can lead to certainty of problems, and make people troubleshoot in maybe wrong direction which can lead to more trouble in simexperience.

For me this is a solution :+1: