Xbox msfs saved space for add ONS límited to 16g. Big problem!

Brief description of the issue:

It seems the limitation on the saved data for MSFS on Xbox limits installation of add ons and and other marketplace downloads.

It is currently set fixed at 16gb.
I could not complete installing purchased airports from the marketplace. No matter what I did . Even un plugged the power from the xbox and restarted the sim over and over.

I went to the (manage game and add-ons) option on the Xbox main menu for msfs. The saved data says it’s 16 gb. It gives you an option to (clear reserved space) and warning that it will quit the game if the game is running.

When you click on it game resets and ALL YOUR ADD ONS WILL UNINSTALL !


Basically your add ONs for MSFS on Xbox are limited to 16 gb. And once this is taken up your cannot decompress and install any more add ONs of any kind.

And anything that’s is tied to the saved space and the 16 gb limit will create problems Due to limit.

If the photogrammetry and others are tied to this it might explain the poor performance on Xbox.

This needs to change to UNLIMITED GB for the saved data as an option to the user rather than just 16 gb fixed.

I purchased and downloaded the NA WU and two airports from the marketplace and my 16 gb were gone. !!!

This is the third time (and place) you’ve posted this.

I have 36GB (if I remember well) of items installed from marketplace and platinum deluxe add-ons.

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Out of interest what is the total storage available to the Xbox & is there an upgrade path for that?

This is an issue the OP is having. Not an issue all are having on Xbox. I have 47.1gb of data and no issues.


Simply posting the same question many times will not solve your problem. It is becoming obvious that this is not a limitation of the Xbox since many of us have addons and WU installed that by far exceed the 16GB that you are writing about. As I said before, mine is about 30GB and growing.


The total usable storage is somewhere between 800GB - 900GB on the Series X.


I’d be curious to know a few things.

  1. Are you on X or S?
  2. How much free space do you have overall?

As others have said, I don’t believe this is a simulator issue. When I had it installed on my Series X I had more than 16GB used.

What needs to be kept in mind is that not all space is usable. Some is reserved for save data, OS, live resume, Etc… If you are on the S this is greatly reduced (364GB of your 512 is usable).

If you provide a few more specs / details we may be able to assist.


I have a series X. My MSFS is from game pass.

Thanks, can you check how much free space you have overall though (Meaning the total disk). Under Manage Storage Devices it should show you.

I got plenty!!

Is the game pass version limited ?

Seems other replies in the thread show people with different reserve space sizes. I’m confused.

i use also gamepass version - my savefile is 30gig

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Game pass here as well, unlimited for me. As I have stated before. I have 47gb already. And it’ll go up tomorrow if there are any new releases on the marketplace.

Ok . Glad to hear it’s not the version.

will this saved space grow beyond the default 16 gb as you install add ONS or limit add ONS to this size ? I’m confused

I just wanna flyyyy with the stuff I already bought. :stuck_out_tongue:

It will grow as required.

Sorry, are you saying there is no issue? Like you weren’t trying to install something and it wouldn’t let you? You just noticed the 16GB and though that’s what it meant?

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For me I don’t have a 16gb limit. I just keep downloading and installing to my hearts content. I fly with all my add on scenery, airports and aircraft almost daily. No issues with space whatsoever.

It wouldnt let me install until I cleared the saved space.

Once I cleared it, it removed all add ONS , etc…

I then could install it np. I’m reinstalling all again but in different order. I’m still installing add ONs! So i haven’t reached the end of the 16gb yet, but I will continue installing them to see if the 16gb grows or if it will limit to that.

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Mine also showed 16 but it grows as I keep adding stuff

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Thank you. I’ll see if this is the case. On it as we speak :slight_smile:

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I’m at 44.6 GB and can still install add ons so the main topic is not true, what can be causing it is the space you got left on the drive as a certain amount of space is reserved for Xbox OS updates and game temp update files. From what I heard from insiders always make sure you have between 80 and 100 GB free space left on the main hard drive.

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