Xbox One Xcloud version still running great

Was over at relatives for Thanksgiving and noticed the nephews had an xbox one.

Launched Flight Sim on XCloud and was still impressed how smooth the game ran on Xbox One.

I had to manually download the updates but only downloaded my planes and liveries.

They were very impressed by the game and the planes themselves and we had a lot of fun.

No crashes, the game played pretty smooth, and the graphical hit compared now to SU11 wasn’t that bad. :joy:

Hope they continue to support the xcloud version as it’s incredible you can run it on an old Xbox One.

Original xbox one looks really great when playing this game!
Even a liiittle bit better then on a one x!
I think it is because the one was a 1080p machine and is optimised for that, and the cloud stream is 1080p.
It could also be because the one was a mediamachine and has no trouble streaming this picture clearly.

The cloud version does work well. I wish though all the world updates were installed when the game launched. Seems odd they aren’t rolled into the cloud version and you have to install them manually.

I’m pretty sure that Xcloud runs on Series S hardware, not Xbox One. The Xbox One is just streaming the video feed.

Technically it should run the same on a mobile phone as it does on Xbox One.


Sorry to hijack this post but I have literally just signed up to hopefully find a solution to fix the refresh rate and poor graphics for Flight Simulator on my sons Xbox One S. I purchased Game Pass Ultimate for my son as he’s been wanting FS for a while now so I thought I’d give the Cloud version a go. Bizarrely it worked fine with Virgin Media fibre 350mb but having just moved back to Sky and with broadband a mere 150mb the game has become unplayable. Could it be the broadband or the setting on my Samsung TV?



it’s the last update that’s causing the problems. (System update 11) It broke all the graphics on Xbox.There was a big thread about it that got closed. MSFS said they will fix it in Jan.

Here is the thread : [Xbox Series X/S] Visual Downgrade - LOD Reduction - #1462

Ok thanks for that info much appreciated.

Initially I thought the issue was with my wifi having just moved from Virgin Media back to Sky. Last week when we were on Virgin it worked great for a day or so, then following the wifi change this nonsense started. Maybe the update happened during the wifi swap. I even checked the settings on my Samsung tv thinking it was that then I even thought it was my Xbox One.

Thanks again for the info.