Xbox pad settings

I’ll post my settings tonight, it works quite well.


The way your setup would come in handy would be in the cases of familiarizing yourself with a new plane which has a very twitchy rudder force. Perhaps like a stunt plane or some other extreme aerobatic response type craft. Over time you eventually feed more rudder movement as you get used to it.

@DROGUSA how are those settings mate?


So do you find your settings fine for a320 and GA aircraft?

Just to confirm you use -80 sensitivity, is that on LS X and LS Y.

Do you leave LT and RS X at default.

Here are my settings


These good for for GA aircraft as well as airliners like a320?

Thanks for sharing.

Yes I fly both

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I will give these a go then, thanks again.

Good point WRT my rudder sensitivity settings, but for me, someone who tends to rest their fingers on the triggers (rudder) this helps me negate any unwanted inputs. So yea, as you stated earlier … in essence… to each their own :smile:

Also, don’t let my rudder settings detract from the main point of my earlier post about extremity dead zone settings. I recommend folks try adding a positive extremity dead zone sensitivity setting on the left thumb-stick because it gave me more precise elevator control with the gamepad/controller.

Just my 2 cents.

I made an error when I posted my settings, I used a wrong controller profile. I have replaced the pics with the correct settings.

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Go for the thrustmaster tca pack it’s more expensive but I got one on launch day for my Xbox series x it has made the experience 100% all that much to reality and if you can get a second throttle quadrant makes flying the 747 so real mate

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That looks great, I’m a sofa flyer though, lol. So only place for something like this is on the floor, which for me I’m unsure how well that would work.

Brand new here, won’t let me post a question yet. I am playing on xbox, how do you see inside the airport terminals? I’ve seen you can do it, used the drone camera and it just goes thru the building. Supposed to be able to see inside DCA but can’t. Any help would be great