Xbox/PC screens go black then CTD

■■■■, i wanted this airport so bad.
Does somebody know if this happens on Series X as well??

one question, does this happen on final or at the gate?
any stutters before?

Final, taxi to takeoff… It’s random.
No stutters

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It happened to me on final the first time. The next time it happened was right from start up at the gate, nothing would come on. I reset the sim and started on the runway and the same thing happened.


Ok I did some tests this weekend regarding WU and memory. I have never been able to get 737 loaded into Gatwick uk it always CTD for me. So I did a full clean of my Xbox X. Installed MSFS 13 then installed 737, Gatwick & Heathrow inib. To my surprise the 737-700 loaded into Gatwick with all FMC functions. Loading Heathrow was also working. I then installed WU UK and Orbx GB North and Central. 737 would load with FMC. That was about the limit MSFS could cope with. Once other airports and scenery was loaded the 737 would black screen at Gatwick. Xbox runs out of memory very quickly once you start to install WU even thought I only ever fly in UK. With everything installed WU wise Its always hit and miss.


Can you provide link to how to do this?


some how all my games are black every plane black ctd even all airoport

I have this same issue, black screens on pmdg 737 EPGD from Drzewiecki design

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The “Beta testing opportunity” has made the situation worse. Please dont tell us we must wait until su14 for a fix? As if i need worry, the silence is deafening. Any chance of telling us what is happening? Please? I want my sim back…

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To clarify - you mean being in the beta has made it worse. I suppose that’s good as you’re providing the data you leave. The beta can have no effect outside since it’s a separate code.

The community guy is it speedyL left a note here about how to join but also how to back out of the beta.

Out of interest is mostly at the payware airports or everywhere during the beta?

Hope it resolves soon…

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Xbox s. Yeah, sorry, I wasnt clear. After joining the Beta, which i am pleased to do. The sim became so laggy and slow as to be unplayable. I have left the Beta.
I maybe wrote that post in a temper. I was and am frustrated as i love this sim, Im passionate about it. As are many im sure. I have stopped using msfs because its so unreliable. I miss it alot. All im asking is, when they find a fix will they release it or wait for next update. I also understand fixes are not quick. They are complex. Keep your customers informed i suppose.

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Thank you Nicko. It is because we are passionate about the SIM working on all platforms equally.

We know they are working on it. We also know not everyone is affected. Your crashes and black screens in the beta is just what they needed data.

I don’t have time to fly in the SIM anymore, and any spare time I get I am busy relaxing with Call of Duty and Halo.

I’ll return to the SIM once I see it’s fixed. I have no desire to turn too PC.


I don’t think we can keep it secret anymore. Microsoft/Asobo have destroyed the simulation in a way. I’ve been on the Xbox since it was released and have been using it on the PC for even longer. Many are the opinion that the first release version, for example on the Xbox, is the best both visually and technically. That’s true, but Microsoft simply uploaded a bunch of third-part addons and overloaded the sim with new features without keeping performance in mind. I never want to use the vanilla sim but let’s be honest nobody here want to play it with all the stock content. Over time the ATC is completely destroyed. Until a year ago I was able to complete one of 4 flights on the Xbox Version without CTD. I own many third parts addons, many of them are from the marketplace. It’s starting to annoy me that everyone always said the sim doesn’t get a ctd in the plain vanilla version. Yes BUT WHO USE IT PLAIN THIS SHOULD BE CLEAR FROM DAY ONE OF DEVELOPMENT. P.S the dev team managed to push the ctd rate to one every few flights, sometimes even without updating the addons. Now it works but the main thing is to push it to every third part developer a year ago. The Devs (MS/Asobo) not tell the truth they are lie completely in our faces I don’t trust these developer anymore!!!


I think what annoys me the most is ive spent so much money on this sim (my choice) All i have to show for it is a load of useless data on my hard drive. At the very least they could tell us what the score is! Will it be fixed as a separate update? Or must we wait for the next sim update? Please update us…its not much to ask.


Every single airport I’ve spawned into, instant crash :unamused:


This cannot be a secret anymore, technically because of this problem, the sim has become unplayable, simmers have been unable to act realistically because of this small issue, I hope this gets fixed soon, they say it’s fixed but in reality it’s not.


Even the Beta, I’m participating in it and it still crashes ALOT.


I think the instrumentation in the beta may make it more prone to crashes relative to the regular version, which is obviously not fun, but at least it means Asobo are collecting lots of really good data from you!

This is true, but:

This is not the first beta targeting XSX/XSS for stability. I was part of at least 1 or 2 over the past year or so. Yet we see little to no progress which raises the question: do they have any idea of what to do with the data collected? Or is it just them showing us look, we are trying here, but in fact we have no clue on how to solve this but hey, at least we give them the idea that we are trying. Another theory is that they DO know how to solve this, but in order to achieve this, they have to cripple the Sim in such ways, it will cause havoc among the PC crowd. People who have spend thousands and thousands buying a high-end PC rig specifically for MSFS.

Shouldn’t this be tested internally by the developer? Before launching this Sim on Xbox in the first place? I came to the conclusion that we on Xbox are part of one big beta test even from the start of MSFS on Xbox. I wished i knew this earlier, before i was hooked an spend so much money on it. And i’m even a bit kind, because there are many things so wrong. Allowing items to be sold on the Marketplace for Xbox, knowing it will cause severe issues is the biggest one. In my book this is called false advertisement an it’ s still continuing as we speak.

For example, how many people bought the London Gatwick airport addon? Its on the Marketplace for a very, very long time and it still is, but yet it still doens’t work. Me personally, i got refunded but not everyone know you can get a refund. This is just one example of many.


There are multiple reports of SU13 being an improvement over prior versions on xbox, and there’s been other releases which are clear improvements too. Unfortunately there’s also been the opposite with some of the SU. I’m sure it’s helping but I think it’s fair to say they are struggling with this or else it would already be fixed.

Fundamentally though I’m with you on it really not being good enough. As you know I held out on xbox for 18 months and suffered black screens and CTD the whole time. I jumped ship to PC about 5 months ago and am so much happier. Not a single black screen, only 1 CTD I think, and so much more that can be done with the sim than will ever be possible in xbox due to the closed ecosystem. For airliner flying in particular there’s no comparison, it’s a totally different experience. But it’s not for everyone and you do need a high end PC if you want graphics better than a series X will produce.