XBOX Peripherals Updated list

Is there an official list of the peripherals that work with the XBOX?
The list on the MSFS support is for the product as a whole and it does not state what works on XBOX. For example, it shows the HOTAS 4 as compatable and for the PC it is, but on the XBOX it completely ignores it as it was for PS4/PC.

Can also confirm Logitech X52 isn’t recognized.

I think for now it’s just xbox controller, mouse, keyboard and hotas one with optional pedals. I use it with hotas one, optical mouse and keyboard with controller off most of the time.
There may be more supported at some point, but given the recent stir with hotas one bugs (which for most part are minor as it is totally usable for flying with as is) it may be a while. There surely must be a yoke system planned at some point down the line.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One Flight Stick
Thrustmaster Ace Combat 7 HOTAS Flight Stick
Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X (Including pedals)
Mouse / Keyboard / XBOX Controller

Honeycomb stated they would be releasing their product sometime in 2022
Turtlebeach’s VolicityOne was supposed to be ready for pre-order this fall (not sure if that is still on target)

Does the Logitech Flight yoke and throttle work?

No, they are not supported.

Hi, is the Thrustmaster T.Flight X 100% supported as I thought it was just T Flight one? I only ask as I’m not able to get the One where I live but the X I can. Thanks.

There are a bunch of sources citing that it is.

I just found this video.

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That’s very interesting and thanks so much :pray:

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Next weekend hopefully more stuff will be announced at Flight Sim Expo.Also heard Thrustmaster is coming out with yoke for Xbox

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