Xbox Pilots - FS Academy (IFR Addon) IFR 12 Help

Hello, and thank you for taking a moment to read this.

I am doing the FS Academy Add-ons that I have purchased and have absolutely fallen in love with the details included in the training and it is really helping me out as a pilot.

Though I have hit a heck of a snag on the IFR 12. IFR Skills Test when it comes to completing it. I am currently using a Xbox Series X (if it makes a difference), with a Mouse, and Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One, with Rudder Pedals for the main controls.

The issue/question that I have is when following the lesson/exam - Depart Liverpool
• Track CRS297 to WAL VOR (114.1)
• Leave WAL VOR CRS200
• Fly direct to HAW NDB (340)

Once I make the intersection of CRS297, and when the instructor advises to set CRS200 I auto fail because of the increasing of ALT beyond 4000 while in cursor mode to try to use my mouse to move the CRS to 200. If that doesn’t happen the auto fail occurs due to speed decreasing below 150, or there is just silence and I end up over the open waters headed towards the sea of wind mills.

I have tried many times and failed no matter how hard I try at this point of the exam, I am just in need of some guidance or assistance in getting past that section of the test as the only other option for me is to accept that I am a horrible pilot and will never pass the test resulting in just ignoring this section and moving onto the next one.

Thank you again for any additional feedback on this one. As it is a head scratcher and frustration.

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Hi there,

Please get in touch with us here, so we can help you through your checkride:

Thank you again for the assistance, I am trying a uninstall and reinstall of the add on with a full restart of the Xbox Series X with full game restart/reload and will reach out if still having same issues.

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I have great news I passed the test :slight_smile: So I wasn’t sure if the new Beta for SU10 was going to cause any issues since the G1000 NXi is the default on the system but I can successfully say that I did not have any issues with it.

Some tips for other console players with this I did find that using the G1000 Flight Plan to set the route from EGGP to WAL, HAW, EGNR, and EGGP did help with keeping the audio instruction on queue.

The one concern I did have though on console was the intercepting of CRS200 from WAL as the only way to get this item checked off was to recenter the CDI so it was pointing directly back at WAL as trying to center the line towards HAW was resulting in failing from not being on course.

Other than that happy Flying and amazing training FS Academy, well informative and loved all of them - I haven’t tried Jetliner yet as I am focusing on all the smaller planes first before I get brave and go big lol :slight_smile: