Xbox pilots?

Hi guys/gals. I’m reasonably new to the msfs scene, im flying on Xbox and was wondering if anyone would be interested in flying as a wing/flight of F15s out of RAF Lakenheath?
I live on the flight path and have watched them for many years, now its time to do it myself and was wondering if there are any others who would like to join me.
I’m no expert I’m still learning, just having fun right now.

Thanks o7

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Hey, if you can share your flight plan and all that, I’d consider joining you. I dunno how servers would handle it if I had to join yours, mine is Eastern USA, dunno how/why but it’s the best one for me. I’m from Australia so my ping is usually dodgy, not to mention the whole timezone issue. I take it you’re a Brit?

Yes I’m a Brit, add me on xbox my GT =Batterby76.
Il msg on there as I’m working at the min.

Thanks in advance for the interest o7

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Ok I used the Xbox app and it should’ve added you. Out of curiosity, how has your online experience been like? I rarely seem to come across people anymore even in tourist hotspots. I hope this isn’t because of the buggy state of the game.