Xbox Profile Services Outage 2130Z 25/FEB/2021

All my settings were changed had to re do them


It’s still showing down as of 30 seconds ago (1709H ET). I hit CTRL-F5 to force reload the cache.

I would seriously wait to see the status change on the boards, before trying to log in again.

So do you mean you now can launch MSFS normally again?

I wonder where MSFS stores information about this and whether you’ve already configured everything. Because if your settings are also found online in your Xbox profile, then it would be nice if you simply could manually edit some config file stored locally, telling MSFS everything is already configured and that the settings should be fetched from your Xbox Live profile.

Yep. I am too. It isn’t ideal

If those of us who tried to launch MSFS during this Xbox Live issue now have a “blank paper” when it comes to all our settings in MSFS, let’s keep our fingers crossed we’ll be asked once Xbox Live is up and running again if we want to use our settings in our Xbox Live profiles (which should hopefully be intact) rather than using the “blank” settings stored locally.

Same issue here.

Status is now ‘close to resolving the issue’…

I can log in, just no weather data…

I’ve noted this page for future reference. Very handy link. A simple refresh of the page, will quickly tell me if the issue is resolved or not. Thanks.

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Yikes! Kids are going to be throwing their x-boxes against the wall. :grimacing:

Yes. Just tried to sign in and got the same message. Tried several times and got various different messages including that I was not connected to the internet ( not true ).

And adults!


Can access now… not sure about the weather…

I just hope I don’t have to log into my X-Box account. I have no idea what my password is.

It seems that the same thing has happened all over the world. It looks like one of the employees accidentally turned off the Xbox key… :joy: :joy:

I’m keeping an eye on the status link provided. Still says major outage. I’m not playing any Xbox live games until it’s in the green.

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By the way… Bing Data and Photogrammetry are all gone



The excrement smeared end of the proverbial stick when it comes to cloud gaming…

Same here…

Dear God what will happen next…

This MSFS2020 experience is making me a religious man…
You have to have a good specs PC a internet connection and a lot of faith…