Xbox - second screen

I know this has been done on Xplane but:

Is there a way of adding a second screen to an Xbox, so that moving maps etc can be used to monitor flight progress, or can the xbox sending data to a computer sever on the same network so that the work can be carried out there?

This is such a brilliant simulation on the Xbox, that it deserves some extra development.

interesting, no idea if you can have more screens on xbox .
why do yo mention xplane, this is not an xbox title and never will be, you cna do things
on a pc you cannot do on a xbox.

What I was trying to point out was that a dual screen system is very useful, (as I have found in my experience using x plane on a mac). I was not inferring that xplane could or should run on a Xbox. The point still stands a second screen would be useful.

I’m not a technical whizz, but if Xbox MSFS was made capable of exporting packets of data contains flight information such a altitude, bearing speed etc. to the local network, another computer/tablet could detect the packets and render to a moving map such as in littlenav map which I think also runs on the PC. This second screen needs no hardware attachment to the xbox, I’m not sure if the MSFS sdk allows for this?

Most of these external screens rely on third party software on the host (pc where FS is running) so it can connect to that. I’m very doubtful this is possible on xbox, unless microsoft decides to make it a built-in feature of the game.

They do it with racing games I can put gauges on phone for project cars 2

It would be great to use a phone as extended display or for extended controlls. Is there anything like a companion app which can be connected to xbox for msfs?

This would be awesome! Please Microsoft make this happen on xbox as wel

I agree, to be able to use my iPad as an extension or to run airmate that links though to the sim would be great for xbox