Xbox series S crashing

Xbox series S, created flight plan from the menu, attempting to carry out flight and the Xbox just crashes to the dashboard each time. Tried different airports, weather etc, still happens. Using A320. Anyone else having this issue or chalk it up to heavy server traffic?

I’m having the same issue on my series x as are a few more people on reddit. Hopefully they patch it quick.

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happening to PC users with this latest update as well. We were wondering if Xbox users were affected.

Have you tried turning off the ai traffic. I had same problem crashed 5 times in a row I turned off the ai traffic reduced the boats and ground traffic to 50% has not crashed since and have been abe to complete several flights over 4 hours long.

Thanks for the hint. Will have to try as series X crashing as well a S.

Hi, new here.

I have had 3 such crashes over the weekend of flights 2-3 hrs or more. Flying from Uk to Gib in A320 with a flight plan. All crashes occurred when decending to make an approach. Will try turning off the AI and turning off the cache as people have suggested.

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Same here always during cruises or approach i Just dont want to fly now because i dont want waste my time fly from nice to london and then crash at approach.

I turned off AI traffic and when I load the sim before I start my flight( while in the main menu) I put my console into “connected standby mode” to do this push the Xbox jewel button on the console once to enter steady mode, press it again to wake it up. Having done this this past weekend I was able to complete longer flights without issue. Hope this helps.

For what it is worth I was getting random crashes on my XBox X and they would happen once a session. I have discovered over last two days that if I quit FS2020 & actually go to close it down rather than just suspend it, the crashes disappear (for me). I think FS2020 behaves better when closed down and restarted.
To close it down, go back to XBox homescreen have Flight Simulator scrolled over with left stick until you have a green outline, press the triple line key on the controller and scroll down and select ‘Quit’. This will close FS2020 down completely.
Re-launching FS2020 forces a clean start. Cashes are gone for me now (so far).

I just went to Zendesk and did what it told me to do.