Xbox Series X draw distance

Ive found the xbox series x draw distance seems to have greatly reduced with this update. Much more noticeable.

I wonder if its tied into the render scale bug affecting night lighting?

Pop in is also now a huge issue on the platform, again a lot more noticeable.

I have exactly the same feeling. I thought it seemed …
As a result:

  1. Broke the night lighting.
  2. The frame rate either decreased, or stuttering appeared (especially when rotating the external camera).
  3. The drawing distance has noticeably decreased (launched New York, it is immediately visible there).
  4. Sometimes there is still crackling sound during picture stuttering.

From the pros for me, I saw only the corrected “requirements for changing the height.”

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That is surprising, on PC drawing distance has been increased this patch and stutters eliminated with a new setting calles something like pre-rendering caché. You can now see NY skyline from JFK

I wonder why it has had the opposite effect on xbox.

Yes it is strange.

Maybe they need to run two separate updates alongside one another.

An Xbox version and a PC version as both sometimes seem to counteract each other

I must say I’m disappointed with popping and frame rate issues, I bought a Series S to fly MSFS, enjoyed it so much that I sold my Series S and bought a Series X. I feel that I had less issues with the S over X, I hope they resolve the issues soon, flying the London discovery flight is terrible with building and details popping up within 300 - 400 m of the AC.

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What you refer to is “morphing” of objects and it increased significantly after SU5.

Exactly the issues I have since the update. I found the version that was first released on Xbox was the best version.

Did you find the S worked better than the X in terms of performance and frame rates?

Yes most definitely, it feels like the X is being pushed a little to hard in built up areas, I have a LG Oled C1 120hz 4k TV, it runs better at 4k 60 and even better at 1440 60. I’m still blown away by the sim, just hoping improvements will follow soon.

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