Xbox Series X review: Aerosoft's Trondheim ENVA

Aircraft used: default 32N, PMDG 738
Live weather: on


Generally really good, as one would expect from Aerosoft — however the place feels a touch sterile and I just can’t put my finger on why. The terminal is nicely modelled, featuring a relatively basic interior, but it’s densely populated with what has to be the greatest number of animated passengers I’ve ever seen! Tons and tons of them! Okay, some of the animations are a little questionable but it’s nice to see…

The airside areas are well done with good ground textures, a decent amount of custom clutter and excellent apron/taxiway/runway signage that to me looks quite unique (presumably how it is in reality). We see the typical trussed floodlighting and blocky jetways synonymous with Scandinavian airports (the jetways in the original release apparently weren’t animated but since WASM was implemented, they now function). The extremity of the airport that juts out into the water is particularly nice, featuring piles of rocks and textures much paler than seen elsewhere (a newish runway extension, perhaps?).

The terminal landside is where it begins to fall apart a bit and is perhaps the reason the place feels a tad lifeless. There’s practically no modelling here — no cars, no people, no signage… no nothing. Barely even a modelled roadway. It’s disappointing, especially when you consider they’ve taken the time to remove the default ground textures in this area and replace them with better ones. On a positive note, we do get a cool animated train at the airport’s station, although it runs on some quite crudely modelled tracks.

All peripheral buildings are nicely done, mostly to the high standard seen at the terminal. We also get some buildings in town but they’re far lower quality, despite being welcome additions. The Marketplace blurb goes on about some old church on approach to runway 27 but it is a tiny thing, and not particularly well detailed.

Night-lighting is very good and I must admit, the place feels a little more alive by night. The lo-co terminal has some great coloured light effects after dark.


The first time I landed here and took the drone for a spin, it black-screened pretty quickly. However since then it’s been fine, although I haven’t used the drone quite as much as I did following that initial flight in. This was with the default 32N. This is my third Aerosoft airport and they’re normally pretty solid in the stability department, though I guess it depends on which Indy dev is responsible for the product in question.

Framerates are excellent, no problems whatsoever.


For the sale price paid (£9.19) I’m perfectly happy. I’d likely be happy at £12.99 too but obviously slightly less so.

Trondheim is a typically solid Aerosoft product, although with the black screens early on in testing I’m hesitant to declare it flawless.

It’s not innovative but there is some good modelling, despite the eerily sterile feel to the place. The only real disappointment is the poor landside modelling (or lack of). The surrounding scenery is nice, courtesy of Asobo and their latest World Update, and this airport does actually feel really authentic if you stick to the aprons, taxiways and runways without being tempted to explore further afield.

If you fly a lot in this part of the world then I wholly recommend Aerosoft’s ENVA. It’s not perfect but it’s far from a bad airport, and Norway is one of the better countries to hop around due to the rapidly changing scenery as you venture north or inland. Fertile fjords can quickly become hilly tundra and high peaks and fog can inhibit your landing attempts!



Ugh, BS inbound on ILS 27 in the -700, the first BS for me in a long time with so many updates made recently. Had this airport since sometime last year but have not visited since, nor in the 737. Too bad, was a nice flight from ENAT Alta (Stairport) which I just added on sale. Wanted that one last year but too pricey for me when not on sale. My first time flying the -700 in Scandinavia too. Anyway, Alta yes; Trondheim no. Cheers!