[Xbox Series X/S] Visual Downgrade - LOD Reduction

You can call it want you want, game breaking or not. For me, untill this is fixed, this stops me playing the game. VFR flights are broken and I will wait if/when this horrendous downgrade gets resolved.


I politely disagree as I did with Pieter on a previous post. He politely explained that “game-breaking” describes a technicality from a developers perspective. My issue is that from a consumers perspective and a simmer “game-breaking” occurs when I cannot fly as a VFR pilot due to the poor terrain quality and pop ins and not being able to identify my position in a timely manner to compare to my nav maps. With LOD reduced to this level it’s just not possible to achieve especially on small hard to find grass airfields.This has only happened since SU11. The previous SU10 I did not have any issues with. Just because the code runs does not mean that the game is not broken for the consumer. It is currently not enjoyable and not possible to fly the way I did previously. You may technically tick your box as a developer by running code but you aren’t ticking my box as a consumer.


Good job folks here don’t sell car’s!
So long as the car starts - it’s not broken.

To the rest of the world it’s broken. But yeah it still starts. My yardstick to measure severity and impact is would someone buy this Sim on console in its present state knowing it was fine a week ago.

For me it’s a No.

A piece of software shouldn’t be judged as not broken simply because you can open it and run it.
A major degradation of draw distance to around 15 miles is terrible. It’s a major selling point taken away.

So taking away the technical terms. And arguing over definitions. As it stands to a “reasonable person” you would consider the Sim in present state as degraded to a level on console where one would call it broken. And in need of a hot fix. Why is it debated. Lol.

This is not a bargain basement £5 game.

And I’d appreciate if the official line was more supportive of the community who actually pay the wages, rather than towards those moderating a forum. But that’s how forums work. Hence my earlier call to action.

Just a free opinion, maybe too harsh but one which anyone can gladly disagree with. And I politely respect.


I guess we just have to wait for the stream tomorrow. I am confident it’ll get fixed.

They would not otherwise mention it.

I hope the community will come across as largely grateful tomorrow though. The A310 is a thing of beauty. A study level detail airplane on a console.


That’s just gatekeeping and stereotypes. There are plenty of us simming on Xbox.


Flying low to minimise this effect is sometimes ineffective. I’m noticing that eventually the sim stops loading new terrain ahead of me and I am left with mobile phone graphics even in my immediate vicinity.

My internet is stable and this happens while connected to the servers.


This on Series S or X?

Apologies. This is Series S :slightly_smiling_face:


The team has identified what has been causing this and will share their findings in the Developer Stream tomorrow during our segment on 40th sentiment!


nice to hear!


That’s good news! Thanks for the update.


You have to activate rolling cache … at least 8 gig

That’s probably the most interesting and informative development so far. The fact that they had to identify the cause implies that it wasn’t an intentional cutback.

This news gives me hope that the issue will get fixed without stability or performance taking a hit; many of us were worried about that.

Regardless, it’s good to know that the team has a grip on this and that we’ll learn more tomorrow.


Good news I hope it’s easily resolved. Appreciate the feedback.


Can you ask if this has affected the PC also? Im positive there has been a reduction in the LOD quality of ground textures.

This is wonderful news, thank you for sharing it!


Thank you so much for pointing this out😊. I hope it will satisfy all of us.


Great news thanks for this! Much appreciated.
Still begs the question why it wasn’t picked up prior to release as was apparently like this during the beta?

Anyways, looking forward to more news tomorrow, hopefully on the positive side! Thanks again.


I agree, all aspects of sim aviation need to be addressed and none left behind.


Great news.

And great to know it’s a bug not a feature.


That is utterly hideous. If it looked that bad on my iPhone I’d want a refund.