[Xbox Series X/S] Visual Downgrade - LOD Reduction

If I didn’t love this sim so much I wouldn’t be on here trying to make a fuss over it. Of course I’d rather be on the forum talking about which plane to buy or figuring out some obscure question about airplane systems or flight procedures. But this visual degradation affects the core of my experience with the sim and all I want to do is make sure Asobo is aware of what is happening and makes it a priority to investigate it. Then I can go back to spending an inordinate amount of my time enjoying the sim and all that comes with it.


the visual degradation is there and huge, maybe not everyone may notice since not every eye is there though denying it is absurd

the draw distance and the details aren’t there anymore and perceivable in and outside cockpit, near and far objects and the terrain is simply not acceptable on this hardware

the update was huge and I’m very grateful for that, i can’t count the days waiting for a high fidelity airliner and the a310 is top quality

but cmon, in this state is hard to not point that out and call for a rollback in textures quality and draw distance, we were already there


I think saying the visuals have been reduced is a huge understatement. I apologise if people think I’m banging the same drum, but seriously, please take a minute and do as I ask.

Go to showcase mode above a runway number and simply increase altitude. The number (after several LOD transitions) becomes unreadable at ~2000ft. Now this isn’t just a small gripe aired by a bunch of entitled prats, this is bloody ridiculous and not one person should be saying it’s fine, unless, of course, you’re flying IFR with full FMC input and spend all of your time looking at the cockpit.

MSFS2020 since launch has lent itself very well to VFR flying due to it’s great scenery. That cannot be said since SU11 dropped. And maybe that’s what MS intended; more focus on jets/IFR meaning cuts had to be made to better accommodate that side of the sim. If there’s even an element of truth there, then I’ve spent almost £200 on something that is no longer what it once was.


I cannot see this being the case — they just gave us helicopters, gliders and a number of non-pressurized vintage aircraft not suited for IFR.


Ha, yep, good point. Excuse my haste with that speculation, but until MS share anything with us, speculation is all I have.

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We might be able to do more than just sitting on our eggs while they work out a fix.

I’ve been actively working toward getting some questions regarding this issue included in the next developer Q&A. In case that falls through, they do take some live questions during the stream. Since many of us are feeling so passionate about the resolution of this issue, I’d suggest we all tune into that Q&A and post our relevant questions in the chat. I’m sure they’ll feel more compelled to take this seriously (maybe just by giving us more information) if they see that much of the community is concerned with it.

The livestream will be on November 18th 1:30PM EST. Here’s a link to the announcement post with more info:


i’m on S…i’m saddened to be stolen now…all my pleasure is wasted…the trees are no longer visible at 100m…the textures and the cities in disgusting 2d plates. where mfs was doing prowess on S now there is no more pleasure.


I was flying north of chicago w/ a cessena. hit the button to look back to downtown and it wasn’t even there. It then rendered the entire chicago skyline . then changed the view and looked back again like 4 times and same thing. the game didnt even save the first rendering . looked cheap as F!


Id also like to comment, hoping the developers are reqding this.

The past coue of months have been the most fun playing this sim on series x. The world simply looked amazing. There were several moments that i can think back to that i had to literally pause just to admire how incredible this sim looked.

Now…its bight and day. Everything looks washed out, everything looks flat, and theres massive pop in. The world looks way worse, not just a little worse. This has made me not want to fly as much as i used to, and whenever i fly now i mostly just get dissapointed at the incredibly poor visuals.

Its honestly really really bad, but atleast i always get a smooth framerate now. I would trade the framerate for the old visuals in a heartbeat though.

Thank you for anyone that actually took the time to read my rant lol


This update has really ruined the whole game for me. I love the gliders but the graphics is too bad. I would really prefer to go back to SU10 if that would be possible


Thank you for this post…so true!


you’re completely right. This update sucked all the fun out of the game. All the sights and locations I admired all look like poo poo now. I even loved those small farm towns I use to fly over and be amzed how two corn shilo’s in the middle of nowhere looked. Not anymore.

I’m even considering deleting this from my XBX. This game is such a huge storage hog at like what 250-300gb now? Think if someone is playing on a XB S - that’s like 90 percent of the storage used up for just this one game!


That’s a very good Idea and i am With you on this !!

What would be the hour in France. I do not really understand conversion.

On what Channel Can i watch the meeting ?

Thank you


It starts at 19:30 Paris time and you can watch on Twitch


I know what you mean. For me it shows as 245 gigs with another 110 gig of reserved storage. 355 gigs this game takes up and i barely want to turn it on. If it wasnt for the massive visual downgrade id be trying to figure out how to bind all of the new axis’s (sp?) for the new helicopter controls right now.

The only reason im not giving up is because i literally have a mouse, keyboard, velocity 1 yoke, and thrustmaster hotas set with the pedals all connected. I even have an airmouse strapped on top of a pilots hat that i turn on via usb switch so i can have headtracking lol.

As you can tell i absolutely love this game, thats why this massive downgrade hurts so much :confused:


You are absolutely right i have no problem with downgrade IF it needs but this is too much for me it is absolutely RUINED.


Please make sure you vote for this!


A few things after watching this unfold during beta:

The idea to ask during Q&A is absolutely correct. Ask politely (it may take some self-control) because they are less likely to answer angry or accusatory questions.

As has been repeatedly said in this thread, the issue has been logged by the developers and historically, that means the sim is not running on Series X as developers wish. So, be patient and a fix almost certainly is coming. They have acknowledged the issue. That is the first step.

Nobody here knows why graphics were rolled back and we may never find out. But Asobo has at times had to roll things back to keep the sim live while they work on certain issues for future updates. Clouds come to mind.

And really important: We are allowed to take a break from the sim. Come back in two months and see if it hasn’t been fixed. It is healthier than fixating on a bug or issue that likely won’t be resolved until at least the next SU. If you can’t look past the issue, play something else for a while. The sim will still be here when you return.


Yeah it’s bad - this post doesn’t add much substance just wanted another comment showing this issue is noticed. Textures are really bad


Feeling really bad, but I must agree with you. I’m definitely now focused to (finally) advance in my single player outstanding Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode. Not proud of this, but it’s still in my “backlog” until today. If I can only “enjoy” 30 FPS on Xbox Series X (thanks Rockstar for no next gen patch), I prefer to experience headache and eye strain playing it, without any doubt. Even VRR not working anymore is the major punch in my stomach right now.

Sadly, this means I won’t decrease the huge number of items in my wishlist in this big sale (and maybe others). Also, I feel relieved that I didn’t spend even more money in the Marketplace before Sim Update 11 Beta.