Xbox series X simply cant handle Microsoft Flight Simulator

I have never experienced issues of this scale with a console game/sim. I’ve had more CTDs this week with MSFS than I ever have since I started playing Xboxes, and that was with the advent of the Xbox 360 which I got around 20 years ago. That isn’t an exaggeration.


I just saw that EA has brought in the former head of Respawn to fix the many issues with Battlefield 2042 and how it was developed. He said that they will focus on getting the core experience to where they want it, and only THEN will they look at expanding it. So in other words, no new DLC for BF 2042 until they get the core game right.

Hmm… seems the developer of a particular flight sim could take that as advice and do the same. At least BF 2042 works, where FS 2020 doesn’t even work for many users. I think that warrants at a minimum the type of additional content moratorium that EA is implementing until the core sim is functioning for everyone consistently.


Trouble with that is, Microsoft would have to want the same thing. And I’d be willing to bet they don’t care as much as the developer (despite their litany of mistakes, I believe they do care) if at all. If it makes a pile of cash, that’ll do Microsoft, I think.

Customer satisfaction has never been one of their strong points.

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I think a lot of the issues come from FSX and issues in that code and then the fact that this game/sim is ported over to Xbox from PC.

Had this been developed from the ground up new or strictly for Xbox, we probably would not be in this thread.

Look at the WASM issue or bugs in DLC not seen on PC for the same product.

Missing menus/options


How humiliating would it be for any developer to be surpassed by EA, of all companies, in their responsiveness?

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Fix for xbox is out. In beta for now:

It sounds like this hotfix is only intended to fix the additional crashes caused by WU 9. But it’s looking more and more like they’re just going to abandon everyone who is still out of commission or suffering intolerable freezes, stutters, missing menus, etc., which were caused by Sim Updates 8 & 9. I still have not seen them utter a word about any of that (aside from the earlier “hotfix” that was only claimed to fix “some” SU 9 issues, which it failed to do). Many of these serious issues have now been going on for more than two months.


The missing menus and settings are missing also for many PC users. That problem, which still exists, began with Sim Update 8.

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big up. while it seems the ctd can be worked around nothing came on the performance side (server issues?) and that’s starting to worry me a bit since stutters and freeze seems to a staple for so long now

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I hadn’t noticed that at airports per se even when playing on my Xbox Series X. I had only noticed stutters when arriving at a detailed airport or a busy airport which are less on the new PC. I did notice on the Xbox that in dense cities like London, England the buildings would pop in or generate better detail very close to the aircraft (really too late to enjoy unless you’re looking almost straight down) so I will go back and double check that on the PC.

If you have a specific / favourite airport with stock scenery that you see that at and want to let me know which it is I will try to do a head to head comparison.

I’ve been fortunate - no CTDs since WU9. The game loads fine and I had a nice flight around Hungary last night. Some temporary freezes in the menus, minimal stutters before taking off. Other than that, business as usual. I feel for everyone having issues. It doesn’t make sense that some do and some don’t, especially on Xbox.

I have ctds like crazy after the Sim Update 9 hopefully they will fit it

Question, is the main reason for all these CTDS on Xbox series x with or without addons (especially more) because the Xbox Series x is locked in at only 16GB RAM memory?

Ive heard multiple times in the DEV Q&As when addressing CTDs on Xbox is because of memory leaks. I see a lot of streamers and just the general PC simmers have at least 32GB RAM and don’t have nearly as much CTDS to none at all. I am on Xbox series x and in the process of making the switch to PC and just would like to know how this works? at this point im ready to switch. As the title states -xbox series x can’t handle MSFS. Thanks

A great question and my experience is the quickest way to CTD land on xbox is large 3rd party airports + airliners (pre SU9 anyway - now I get CTDs anytime!). I have read that VRAM can be important for these large 3rd party sceneries, which is why for my first PC build I’m going with RTX 3080 12GB (just waiting a bit as prices continue to drop), and 32GB RAM to make sure that’s covered.

That said, before the latest problem updates my xbox x could handle msfs just fine and I could use all 3rd party planes and many 3rd party airports (esp. smaller ones) without any problems…but I’m tired of missing out on mods including fbw320, latest amazing airliners released, etc. and the many addons and hardware that remain PC-only.


exactly I couldn’t agree with you more. same exact experience with my addons and airlines too. I 9/10 fly airliners and with add-on airports and it just seems like Xbox X can’t handle it. memory issues. CTDs. PC seems like the only option. and with more options like mods, freeware etc. yeah the xbox series x 16GB ram just doesn’t seem to be able to handle Airliner type of flying especially long hauls

Memory leaks are not really related to the amount of ram, but more to how the software (either the sim, the add on, etc) and it’s ability to release memory once it is no longer used… Not sure what language they write in, probably several languages, but in C++ and C, you have to keep track of pointers and if you do not, then a pointer to a memory location that is used let’s say to display your airspeed is used, then no longer used (data changed, you switched the screen, etc) then that memory should be pulled out of the pool so that the memory (or to be more exact, that memory location in the ram pool) can be used elsewhere… If you do not, then your ram runs out… so it could happen with 128 gigs of ram, as well as only say 4gigs…it just would take longer…but also that leak can actually freeze the program as another part of the program might explicitly call upon that memory location that should be free and oooops its not…and boom… So that is a quick and very dirty explanation… bottom line, they need to fix it lol.


I wish this thread would go away.

I’m tired of defending the Xbox.


Well, 16GB is more than enough to run the sim, definitely. I think the Series S has 12GB too. Again, more than enough. Good explanation of memory leaking in the post above yours. If people read that maybe that’ll go some way to having people understand it’s not about the hardware capabilities of the console.


I do agree by the way. This thread is redundant.


Thank you…I did some corporate development for a while but I was a VERY junior developer lol taking direction from the big boys, but my description is my basic understanding…the big boy developers could code while they talked about what movie they watched the night before as easy as they breath lol…I would have to have my nose buried in a coding book or asking them questions… however with my limited development I do realize how massive this sim is and how hard it would be to fix things, but I am sure Asobo has tons of testers and let’s hope they get this fine tuned :smiley:

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