Xbox sim setups

I figured start post for xbox


Nice, would you list what you’re using as I’m going to purchase some things too so I don’t have to keep using a controller.

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Nice setup! I’m running basically the same thing. The 4 inputs work great together. HOTAS gives a more realistic feel. I would do without the middle detent on the thrust lever, and I would have a bit of friction to it. Try to setting it to about 85% and using the trim without knocking it forward, it’s hard. I tend to leave the thrust lever at 100% and fine tune the throttle with F2-F3 on small GA aircrafts for cruise. The mouse is a must for cockpit interactions. The keyboard, I could do without especially for VFR flying, but it still expands a little bit more what I can do. I like the Xbox controller for camera control, around the cockpit, in chase mode and the drone shots as well.

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I have almost the same setup, nice to see yours.
Is the HOTAS screwed down?

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The chair and add ons are from OpenWheeler very well made and they gave me free hotas setup before were available I just asked.Hotas and pedals are Thrustmaster and Keyboard and mouse Razor .Tv 55Tcl P605 and mat Next Level Racing. Tv stand Gt Omega Racing.This all started years ago when Xbox one x came out now have both racing and flight setup ready to go with there own plates in 5 minutes without taking anything off of plates

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No strong velcro

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Smart! I’m going to do that.

I really want an MFD that send commands to a Bluetooth dongle.

The keyboards work so why not that.

Looks great

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You have 2 options:

  1. Check out YouTube. There’s a mod you can do to it that will remove the centre detent.

  2. Keep using it normally. Give it a few months and the friction mechanism in the throttle is going to wear out and the throttle will be so loose and floppy that you won’t even feel the detent anymore.

Velcro works so well for so many applications where where need things to stick together but not be permanent. I have my Xbox controller attached to my Honeycomb yoke to use as camera control and for extra buttons (I’m on PC). It’s awesome stuff.


I need more friction on it, not less. That’s not going to help…

Well, that’s the unfortunate future of that throttle, unfortunately. It will get all loose and floppy over time. And not a whole lot of time, at that.

If you’re handy though, I’m sure you can probably crack it open and do something to help increase friction. I haven’t bothered with mine. I knew once MSFS came out I’d be upgrading to something better, which I did. Unfortunately for Xbox, you’re kind of stuck with what’s available.

Velcro really is amazing. I bought some Thrustmaster TPR rudder pedals that would slide on my carpet when I moved them. I bought a Playseat floor mat and some velcro circular pads on Amazon. Put four pads on each part of the pedal base and the unit hasn’t budged at all since I set it up a few months back. I can even do hard differential breaking with one pedal only and they remain held fast.