Xbox stability: scenery performance using the PMDG 737 as the test subject

You can’t circumvent the Xbox’s memory limitations. JFK is simply beyond the console’s current capabilities in its present form. JFK in my opinion was designed or intended for the next generation of PC hardware. It’s also located in the most demanding area in the world for MSFS to process.

Asobo don’t claim that they’ve stopped the leaks entirely; but they do say that, over 100 hours, they detected zero leakage. So even if some memory is still going AWOL, it’s likely pretty insignificant.

What we need now is better memory management, but that I imagine would be very difficult under the current 2020 code. It would also be largely down to the third-party devs to find solutions, since it’s mainly their work that leads to memory outages.

If add-on scenery is properly and efficiently optimised, I see no reason for it not to run like clockwork following SU13. Asobo have done their part — the third-party devs must now do theirs. The most detailed airport scenery the sim has so far seen now runs wonderfully on Xbox. If Pyreegue can do it… so can the others.

Xbox is a closed, three-year-old system with finite resources. I think expecting anything exceeding what SU13 has done with FS2020 is wishful thinking.

Not tried it yet to be honest, but I’ll take your word for it. I rarely fly it myself as I’m more a short-haul guy. ATR, 737, 146 and 320 are more my thing.

Hi JakTrax, you’ve done so much for us using Xbox but I’ve come to a crossroad where the company seems to use us as pawns and testers. I for one can’t tolerate the fact that we just don’t know if we will get there or not as there may be BSs or CTDs waiting. They sent us this on the Marketplace and we bought items but now what?

Nope, MM’s EBLG just refuses to function. If I attempt to spawn a departure it crashes before it even loads, regardless of what aircraft I select! Every time I try to land, it crashes as I exit the runway or pull onto stand! Atrocious performance! Northern Sky’s Juneau was bad but this one takes the crown!

Quite how it got through the MP ‘vetting’ process I’ll never know! It really does concern me that this kind of stuff is so readily approved.

Refund requested. And they’d better give it…

After the enormous disappointment that was MM’s EBLG (refund pending), I decided to give another ‘unknown quantity’ dev a go and bought Pilot Experience Sim’s LFRB. Much better luck with this one - in fact, it’s quite stunning! High-res textures everywhere, except in a small number of places you’re unlikely to look. Superb terminal interior with some of the finest detail I’ve seen (how about price tags for items for sale in fridges?!), including the ground level airside tunnels used for sorting and moving baggage. And the cherry on top is excellent performance and stability! Just had the drone out for 30 minutes or so and upon returning to the flightdeck, screens still active.

Presumably a small French dev, they’ve certainly won my support with this masterpiece! I recently had my eye on their Ajaccio and it’s good to know it likely won’t disappoint.

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I’ll be looking into that next week for sure.

Did you all see the new Beta testing - it’s specifically for Xbox X/S stability testing.

I hope many of you join the beta so we can be involved with improvements in the sim for Xbox.
It’s great they are listening to us, so let’s do our part!

I’m signing up today.


Yes, great that they’re doing this and a good sign to their commitment to further improving memory and stability issues - even with ‘24 on the horizon.

I’d strongly encourage people in this thread to sign up given the apparent link between 3rd party add ons and black avionics / CTDs.

I will definitely join.


Happy to join but… is it likely to destabilise my sim? Can I revert to what I currently have it things go wrong?

Yes you can always opt-out , they did not change anything, they just setup to collect data from crashes, etc . So it should not change the sim at all.

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On the fence on this one. Done quite well in the 738, but not so lucky in the latest 747 and two times today in the “new” 787-10. I like the Simbrief integration, not sure why it’s not available in other crafts, but crashed several meters well short of the runway at EGLL. I came in from the add-on at EGPH but man-o-man did we swing on approach! It was not even close, so I’m going back to the ol’ dependable, my 738, without its
EFB, lol!

Hence, my sitting on the fence on this beta because I saw the results of SU13, or lack thereof, and that’s the reason I’m going back to old faithful and flying. If I can be convinced otherwise maybe I’ll join!

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This is not a beta, it’s just an instrumented build of the current release, they are deploying it through the beta channel because that’s what is available. It’s dead easy to jump on and out if you need.

To be blunt on this, choose to be part of the solution or be part of the problem. If you are on xbox and have ever complained about it crashing then you are the person that needs to be involved to help solve the problems.

I can tell you as a programmer that for this kind of problem data is essential, and without data it may never get fixed. You need to provide the data because every situation is different.

I’ve run these instrumented builds myself when on xbox, and put extra effort into trying different scenarios. Now I’ve switched permanently to PC I’m not eligible for this. Even then I’m half tempted to acquire the xbox back from youngest child and put some time on testing it as it’s clearly obvious that improving xbox stability is good for all users including those on PC. Maybe the fixes directly help the PC but even if they don’t then having xbox users confident in shopping on the marketplace means more profits for developers which means we all get more choice of add-ons developed at better prices, as that is how markets work.


Don’t fly that much nowadays (so many other games coming out), but any opportunity to help is welcomed so offcourse i join this test.


Running the testing build, I’ve had a couple of CTD and black screens. Going to keep testing those troublesome airports to give them as much data as I can. :grin:


Opted into the stability testing. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

Keep us posted on this beta!

Hi everyone,

Just to set expectations appropriately, the new Xbox public test build released on October 4th contains no improvements to the sim itself. It is solely for sending enhanced telemetry data and crash logs to the development team. We greatly appreciate everyone who opts in to this test, and your contributions are essential to helping the developers improve stability in future builds, but please don’t expect any improvements from this specific test build.



First flight was perfectly smooth, no perceptible performance penalty in the stability test regime. KDAL Love (Feelthere) to KBNA (Feelthere), live weather, PMDG 737-700, descent, ILS approach & landing in the rain, hand flew, no lag. NO BS OR CTD. Flight logged at gate. Will try larger airports and the 787 as well.

Bought Xwind’s Dunedin this evening. For the price (£5.79) it’s good, however it’s not the most detailed airport I’ve ever seen. Stability is okay - perhaps a touch on the poor side given its small size and level of detail - both times I’ve flown in there tonight it’s caused black screens (ATR and LVFR 320), however they returned immediately after departure. I did have the drone out too, but only for 5 minutes.

I’d say the place is a similar size to Brest, which is a lot richer in detail and 100% stable. I don’t think it’s worth any more than its £5.79 price tag.

Anybody tried out the New Teeside Scenery yet? It looks decent the price is slightly higher than I feel it should be but I’ve never heard of the Dev before so not sure how it’ll perform.

Give me a week and I’ll let you know…

I’m away for 7 days now but plan to buy it and Ini’s Ponta Delgada upon my return.

If a decent Twotter were available in the sim I’d be giving the new Barra a go too…

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