Xbox Stability Test ( default cursor VERY slow to move

Not sure wheter to post this in General or in Bug Reports?

I just set up Xbox X with a new install of MSFS, and enrolled in the Xbox Stability test (

The Xbox Controller’s on-screen cursor (circle with a dot in the center) barely moves, and when it does, it moves with a stuttery action. And this is just in the MSFS Home screen, Content Manager, etc. I haven’t even begun a flight yet.

I have a new install of just MSFS (new, generic settings), not even World Updates installed, no peripherals attached. The controller cursor moves just fine outside of MSFS in the Xbox home screen, settings, store, etc. Problem occurs only in MSFS.

I have a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse combo (uses a USB wireless dongle) so I attached that and the mouse cursor moves just fine. Only the default Controller cursor seems to have an issue.

I rebooted the Xbox. I replaced the batteries in the controller, etc., but the issue persists.

Normally they set up a Beta testing thread to report issues. But it looks like their notes say:
“We are not expecting any specific written feedback from you as all the data will be monitored server-side, but there are some additional options you must enable in order for us to see your data after you join the test.”

So maybe it’s a pure telemetry-reporting beta, and they’re just not taking “bug reports” per se in this test, although I’d be concerned about things that might not meet their telemetry limits and not be reported/recorded without some reporting thread.

I’m in the same beta but do not have this issue and I have many add ons as well as all of the world updates.
The only weird thing for myself is my Hotas joystick kept dropping out and I had to plug and unplug it several times during a flight.

Did you reboot your Xbox after installing the update for the beta?
You might want to remove yourself from the beta and then join and reinstall the update.

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