Xbox SX. Performance degradation in longer flights using A320 Neo

Hi folks

Generally massively impressed with the Xbox port. :+1:

However I am having a recurring issue when I try to do longer flights (an hour or more) in the A320 where performance starts to degrade about an hour to an hour and a half in. FPS starts to drop and the game starts to feel less responsive to controller inputs and a feels a little bit ‘juddery’. It’s not a massive drop in performance but it does become noticeable at lower altitudes and particularly on approach to airports.

This has happened to me with AI traffic on and off, and weather set to live and using presets. I’m using the A320’s autopilot when this happens.

Interestingly, going back to the menu and reloading the flight from a save state, or using the ‘travel to’ function, seems to get performance right back on track.

Wondering if any other Xbox users have noticed anything similar?

Resource leakage probably. This software should be great eventually but it’s still a it beta.

Don’t have an Xbox so probably nothing that can display resource use.

Thanks Paul. Yes I’m sure they’ll sort it (assuming others are having the same issue and it’s not just me!) and it’s a minor blip for me on what is otherwise a pretty impeccable port.

Do you think it’s worth trying a longer flight with another airliner (I guess it would have to be the 747) to see if have the same issue?

Could try just letting it fly on AP when you go for a meal or something. If it’s a bug I doubt you’ll be the only one. PC users have more resources, so we may not have noticed.

Much appreciated Paul. Thanks.

problem mentioned since day 1 but never addressed. Sad to see it’s also on XBOX but at least perhaps eventually it will be fixed. I encourage you to vote this post which has 55 votes, if we can bring it to 100 I think it will get the attention of Asobo. After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

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Ok thanks. Will do.

Looks like it’s general GPU usage plummeting during a long flight - if you have an S then that’s likely to be less powerful than these folks cards, which is why theirs takes longer.

I posted this in the general forum but am posting here as well as it relates to my original post. I’m short, on further use I’m seeing an element of performance degradation on Xbox Series X on all aircraft during the descent and approach phase. More info below and I would be interested to know if others have experienced similar.

I’m definitely seeing some variable performance on Xbox Series X on descents and approaches to airports.

If I’m doing a full flight and descend from cruise altitude, things start to get a bit choppy with a few minor stutters and hitches as I descend and particularly on approach to the airport.

However, if I load straight into an approach - either from selecting the destination airport on the world map and loading in around 8 miles out (or wherever the sim places me) or using the ‘travel to final’ function during a full flight, things are much smoother - even at big and busy airports.

Have any Xbox users noticed anything similar?

I’m on Xbox also. See also this thread

Hopefully Asobo will fix this in future updates. Fingers crossed!

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I’d be interested to know whether other Xbox simmers are having a similar issue.

(Also posted in the Xbox thread in the general community forum).

Sadly my earlier optimism following the latest hotfix was premature and I’m still having some fairly major performance issues on Xbox Series X on descent from cruise and then increasing through to approach to airports. These are still particularly pronounced when descending from higher altitudes as opposed to just ‘spawning in’ by using the travel to function or by starting on approach by selecting only an arrival point on the world map.

For example, I just descended from cruise altitude on a 747 and attempted to land at London Gatwick and the sim was extremely stuttery by the time I attempted touchdown.

I then tried the exact same approach again but ‘spawned in’ about 10 miles out by selecting the runway as an arrival destination (and no departure) on the world map. This time it was beautifully smooth.

All very odd and I’m hoping that this will be ironed out as it’s put me off doing longer or high altitude flights for the time being. Low and slow remains an absolute pleasure on the other hand.

I’ve submitted a report via zendesk and will update if there is any response.