Xbox version peripheral suggestions

Just wanted to get some advice… I’ve bought an xbox console ready and excited for the 27th, is the XBOX controller sufficient or should I buy a flight stick?

Flight sticks are quite expensive, especially the ones which are compatible with the XBOX console. After spending money the console, I’m hesitant at buying a flight stick as well … but thought I’d ask the community - and this might also help other members entering the XBOX ecosystem next week.

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I guess it depends. I’ve used Xbox controller for MSFS before, while it “works” I find it difficult to use. Simply because the thumbstick axis doesn’t have enough travel distance to control my flight controls accurately. It’s always either I’m not moving it enough, or I’m moving it too much. Adjusting the sensitivity gave me a lot more problems than it solves. So I got myself a Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick+Throttle. Much better experience in flying.

For Xbox, I guess you can try to just use Xbox controller yourself. See how it feels at first. If you feel comfortable, then I guess you can just keep using it no problem. But if you’re feeling the same way I felt, maybe getting a joystick could be a good idea.

T.Flight Hotas One - Joystick for Xbox One and PC | Thrustmaster seems to be the most affordable one that works with Xbox. But I do find having a joystick improves the flying experience over xbox controller.


I’ve been going through the exact same internal debate.

The Xbox controller by itself clearly works, but it may require some gymnastics to do it. Until we get our hands on the game, the most cautious answer may be to wait and see.

I decided to pick up a T.Flight HOTAS One and some Rudder Pedals. You can spend a great deal more money than these items but the cost isn’t trivial even so. I got these because I know for sure that they are compatible and i’ve found them positively reviewed as a ‘budget’ stick.

If money is no object, then ‘more’ new Xbox peripherals have been teased for the future.

Watch out though because as you’ll imagine stock levels are under pressure. The Xbox launch could be the biggest surge of interest in flight sticks, well, ever.

Other discussions are suggesting that a wireless keyboard/trackball/pad might also be good to have, but I’m going to play first before making that call.

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Holding off on the rudder pedals until a later date can be a good idea if OP wants to save a bit of money. This is because you can still control the rudder using the twist function on the joystick. At least if could get them as a starting point at first. And over time when they save enough money then they can upgrade by getting the rudder pedal, and so on.


I fly with an Xbox controller and have come across numerous others that do so. We had a thread at the PMDG forum where some users of controllers ‘outed’ themselves.

If you are accustomed and versed in using such a controller, like many people are, it’s easy to use. Like with all controllers, I think it comes down to pratice and setting it up right.

I would suggest to try it out first before you buy something else.

P.S.: I do have other controllers, also a Thrustmaster Hotas which would work on an Xbox, but tbh I prefer the Xbox controller.


Thanks for all your advice everyone, it is much appreciated.

Lol… I found the Thrustmaster flight stick (T flight Hotas One) - the exact same one for the Playstation version at HALF the price than the XBOX version.

Looks like you guys are right… If I don’t buy a flight stick I may miss out given the demand on the XBOX version. Sucky part is, I already have a flight stick at home (an old Logitech) which I used to use on the PC but it is not compatible with the XBOX edition.

Looks like I will invest in one… the T.flight Hotas One is the one I may be buying. I don’t really need anything fancy. Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

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To me it feels pretty good and solid (though admittedly I’ve never tried a more expensive one).

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Have a look on some classified pages mate, I picked up an Almost new t flight x for 80 aud. When the current rate is 169. That’s half price. And I mounted it to my keyboard draw that’s sits under the desk.

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Thanks! I’ll give this a go!

Just sharing - Microsoft store is having a sale on the Hotas (i believe its 20% off for one week only)

Just bought mine for 135AUD. Still expensive, but less than the 169AUD RRP.

If you bought an Xbox just to play this flight sim then surely dedicated peripherals that are best suited to flying would make the most sense?

You got me there! You are right, I ended up buying one as I thought to myself that I was going to buy one anyway… so yeah, bought one in the end :slight_smile:

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I hope you like it. Will it take long to turn up? :grinning:

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3 to 5 days… so I will have to play with the XBOX controller for the first few days which is fine, but am excited to try out the Thrustmaster. Glad I got it though, as they seem to be selling out.