Xbox version premium deluxe edition

I preordered the premium deluxe version of this game. However, in the game, is says i dont own this version and i can only download the ”premium version” of the game. This is ridicolous since I basically pay More money to get the additional content- then I cant access it. This is a issue that seriously have to be fixed.
I have seen bunch of other people writing about the exact same thing, but I just wanted to address it again so that It becomes a top priority.
Why don’t anyone of the community managers comment on this and at least say they have addressed it?

I’ve seen a few people complaining about this, it says you own the standard edition regardless, as the deluxe version is technically a DLC
Are you sure you don’t have the features of the deluxe?

Yeah 100%. A little bit irritated actually. Also because my game on the Xbox have a lot of stutters after an hour of playing. The fps is definitely not 30fps anymore. Hope they fix it though or at least say something about it.

Ive encountered some stuttering myself, but nothing major so far. Part of that is overload on the servers no doubt

Please see both this thread and the post I am linking:

Future discussion should be continued in that thread and I hope it gets resolved soon.