XBOX - weekly activities?

Xbox Series S

Maybe Iam stupid? Didn’t find the weekly activities on Xbox ?

Where there are located ? Or they still missed after last update ?

For whatever reason they are not there. Maybe they will appear in a future update.

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I have heard about these but I have no idea what they would even look like. I don’t suppose you have an idea what they might contain?

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Usually there is landing challenge or something. In my experience from installation in December 2020 it was never updated weekly but they did change it from time to time. (Maybe it changed every couple of months?)

These were different from the regular landing challenges in that completion of the “weekly” challenge would count towards a different achievement (decathlon)

For the Xbox release they appear to have removed that altogether and replaced it with the “discovery flights” or whatever they are called.

I have no idea if trying these adds to the decathlon achievement, I’m just waiting to see if an update adds the other challenges back.

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Since the end of July I have never seen a “weekend” challenge. So it is impossible to get the “Working for the Weekend” and “Decathlon” as explained in the Achievement guide.

Once, at the very beginning after the Xbox release (maybe around mid-August), I thought I saw a banner ad in the “discovery flights” menu. But when I went to look in the flights list, I hadn’t seen anything particular and had given up.
I had then made the discovery flight in Egypt on Gizeh, and I had even landed in Cairo, but it hadn’t triggered anything.

And since then, I have never seen an ad again.

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+1 for weekly activities. I haven’t seen a single one since Xbox launch despite it being tied to 2 achievements.

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There isn’t any weekly activities since the Xbox release and the menu rework. Asobo have 2 achievements tied to it and they even take care to take it into account.

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Tbh the longer distance ones like Saddle Sore and Frequent Flyer Miles should get scrapped. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to do any bush trips either because I know people are having trouble with those achievements popping up. With all the CTD issues, you kinda have to take a big chance and hope for the best otherwise you could be in for a tonne of time wasted and a lot of heartache.

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Frequent flyer miles I got this week after trying several dozen failed attempts (CTD every time) with the 777, 747, and A380. Finally I pushed the eurofighter at Mach 2.2 the whole way there. First time CTD. Second time CTD on final approach a hundred feet from the runway. Utterly devastating. Third time, I landed without CTD and the cheevo popped immediately.

Saddle Sore: I started a 300 mile trip, paused half way through to meet friends for dinner. When I resumed and landed, the achievement popped unexpectedly because it had been more than 8 hours since I had started the flight.

Both achievements should be scrapped. The sim is far too unstable and punishes the player for crashes they can’t control. It’s insult to injury.

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Ok I have to pick your brain now. If you can remember, what was your setup for these? Meaning, did you have full online functionality, MP on, real time ATC, probably unlimited fuel and no AI piloting? There’s gotta be something about how people have set things up that increases the chances of completion, even if small.

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MP off. Real time ATC off. Unlimited fuel yes. AI piloting off. Just use Nav mode plus autopilot. You might need to enter altitude hold depending on your plane.

For Frequent Flyer Miles, I experienced CTD around Iceland/Greenland. Set a direct GPS route from LFBD to somewhere further south. I used KJFK (as a waypoint…don’t land obviously) and then go from there to KSEA.

Also, try what I did and use the eurofighter to fly direct GPS as fast as possible. Mach 2.2 gets you there in less than 5 hours. The F14 or F15 should also work.

Stability seems to have improved slightly in the last few days so my successful attempt didn’t involve dodging Greenland.

Good luck. Let me know if any of this helps.

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I have actually done it but never got the achievement officially. I got the log to prove it but no reward. I’ve only done it once and it worked out with no crashes the first time round. The approach phase was the most dodgy part. Frame rates dropped like crazy, definately not good for the nerves or patience. Landing at midnight and having nothing to show sure makes you mad.

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I posted in another thread asking a community manager if there was an update and my post was almost immediately flagged and removed without explanation lmao.

I guess we’re not allowed to bring attention to the abysmal trophy implementation in MSFS. I’ve been and on and off console user for 15 years and there is not a single game I can name that has broken trophies approaching anything even remotely in the ballpark that this piece of software has.


Almost a year later and this is still broken.

I just wished they’d fix the control mapping because after WU10 I have no mapping on any of my controllers. No controller = no way to even play the game!

Exactly. Asobo is literally asking users to complete tasks they haven’t created/don’t exist.

The ball has been in their court for 2 YEARS. How much longer until they address this? Hard to believe they care at all at this point.