Xbox X - support for existing joysticks?

I note a lot of discussion here for joysticks on the PC versions of MSFS 2020.

Will there be similar support for the Xbox X/S

I ask, as I have a MS & a Saitek joystick and 2 days after the Xbox release, they still are not recognised by my BRILLIANT Xbox MSFS.

Unless they are specifically for Xbox they will not work with Xbox.
Xbox compatible peripherals require a specific security chip - it’s a Microsoft/Xbox issue rather than an Asobo issue and not something that can be fixed in game software as far as I know.

Honeycomb are releasing Xbox compatible hardware soon and Turtle beach have already announced what looks like quite a nice yoke/throttle combo which is Xbox compatible.

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… but I can plug in a usb keyboard and mouse and its not a problem.

From what you say, It sounds like sharp practice on MS part if 3rd party joysticks can’t b used, and I fail to understand what security issue a joystick may contain.

I may have to save up for another joystick in this case …

Perhaps I’ve used the wrong word, but this seems to be term used all over as far as I can see.

To be fair both Sony and Microsoft have been known to share this practice, I have no idea why it is. Perhaps to guarantee compatibility? perhaps it’s because of licensing agreements with partners?

Either way, that’s the way it is and until Honeycomb and Turtle beach release their xbox compatible kit I’m afraid xbox users are pretty much stuck with the TM T-flight and Hori Hotas neither of which are particularly good.

sorry, but it has always been this way, you need peripherals certified for console else
they wont work. there is a good hotas for around 70 dollars.
kb and mouse are normal, seemingly.