Xbox360 controller & yaw

It’s been quite a long while since the game’s been released, so… Is it something on my end or is this not working?

Specifically, I’m talking about the yaw controls on my Xbox 360 controller - the triggers, while analog inputs, seem to be registered in-game as digital. At the moment the game seems to handle yaw as a… setting. Akin to the pitch trim. Which is hardly ideal.

The sensitivity tab in the controls settings reflects this, and no matter how much I fiddle with the deadzone or other controls - it keeps being “digital”. So… is there a setting I’m missing or is this just still broken, this many months after release?

The rudder mechanics are super unrealistic to begin with. It’s like all of the planes have auto-rudder on no matter what.

In the controls mapping you will find rudder left axis and rudder right axis. Make sure that is the mapping set up for your triggers. If just rudder left and rudder right is used then it is just like using keyboard keys.`

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Bah! I was searching for “yaw”… :confused:


Can’t confirm at all.

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