(Xcloud) Aircraft moves when using cursor on INSTRUMENT (CDU/FMC) camera

When I’m using the cursor on the instrument camera (CDU/FMC) the aircraft moves (rolls and tilts)

Everytime i use cursor on instrument camera, the aircraft moves already, i have tried to change controls but with no success

Hi @CaSsiOcVs!
I’ve tagged your topic with #xcloud and move it into Community Help Center for community assistance.

Users on PC have this same problem too when using a mouse and trying to turn a dial with the aircraft moving all around.

I’m not familiar with Xbox Cloud and how it’s peripherals work, but moving the pointer over a dial or button, should kind of “lock” there.

Hopefully someone can assist you that has used this platform more than me. :slight_smile:

There is a wishlist topic on this if you’d like to contribute to it:

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Sorry but this is not my problem. My trouble is when using the cursor the airplane banks to left and right at the same time in Xbox. My friend flown with me and he had the same issue. Anyone have any Idea How to solve It?

Ah, yes. I misread your post. :blush:

I’m not sure about this as I’ve not used Xbox Cloud with MSFS. Hopefully someone who has can assist you.

Same problem here it must be a bug. Not sure if has been reported already.