XCub don´t follow GPS

Aircraft don´t follow GPS; I have to correct with HDG. I have las gx-v.1.0-dev10

The zoom level on the MFD (which is mostly repeating the pop-up VFR map, not an actual representation of the Moving Map page that you’d see on the real-life Garmin G3X), is misaligned with the aircraft symbol. As you zoom in or out, you will see the aircraft symbol get further/closer away from the plotted GPS path. Note that it is tracking in the correct heading. I’ve flown the Dev 10 using the Vertigo on 900 NM + trips, it is working as intended for following GPS accurately. It’s just the map display is off depending upon the zoom scale.

This is what the real-life G3X map would look like:

Screenshot 2021-12-16 12.00.42

This won’t get addressed until it’s the G3X’s turn to receive updates in the way the G1000 has been updated to NXi standards. Ahead of it is still the CJ4 (Rockwell Collins ProLine 21) and the Garmin G3000.

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Thank you; very good and complete answer.

Unless you fly IFR the GPS is a guide and not a Law. Yes, it is a nuisance, but not a life threatening issue. CasualClick explained it well. Listen to your favorite tune, Relax, Fly and have fun.