XCub Flight model changed?

. Issue resolved (post must be 20 ch)

Fly the cub all the time. Only need that much NUP if I’m landing on a 600ft strip at 35 knts IAS with 50 ft obstacle at the end.

Fixed. Thanks.

What was the trouble if you don’t mind sharing? May help in the future.

The performance mod. I tested against all the combinations of the XCub mods I had installed from none (including total empty community folder) and the new mod has made some changes from it’s old behavior. With no mod the default trim for Xcub is ~+26 for takeoff, which you can roll down to zero or so after take off and into cruise. The new mod has this set to zero, and combined with what seems more powerful takeoff it’s quite easy to zoom climb and stall on TO if you’re not watching it. Cockpit FOV is also zoomed in slightly. That’s my experience anyway.

I guess you need a completely different technique for TO/Landing if you’re going to use it, which is fine, but without some guidance on what that may be I’ll have to pass on it for now.

I gather it’s a beta still so I’ll take another look at it downstream a bit, for now I’ve gone back to base sim XCub.

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Thanks, i trashed that mod 5 minutes after i first tried it. I don’t know why it’s as popular as it is besides “airplane go zoom now”.The default xcub is a pleasure to fly.


I used it in the past a lot, and never had this issue.
No biggie, default is fine as you say.
I also like the default Carbon Cub and Shock Ultra.