XGC click or group

Has anyone else noticed there are multiple usernames that start with XGC?

I have formed up with them a few times. Typically they are in the F-15 but I’ve seen them in other ones, but usually it’s some sort of military aircraft.

I’m just curious how big this XGC group is, if there’s a regular meet up and what not.

Don’t everyone respond all at once, please lol


I tagged what I could but the above 4 aren’t on my in game friends list but I have a few XGC usernames on my friends list so there’s at least 10 XGC usernames that play this sim.

Just curious.

I was in XGC for many reasons I kept my name but XGC is a huge gaming community that focuses on playing with friends without being harassing and instead focus on having a good time. They are also pretty competitive so games like cod or Halo are a big focus. They also have rules that to me can be restrictive but not very hard to follow. It’s not a bad community and yeah it’s huge!

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